Google Adwords

More down you can see in that countries and cities look for more those products. By all means it gives many but data, but with these at least two you can hacerte of an IDE Another form simple know whichever people are selling these products is to use the bar search of Google. You place the same key word in the finder and you determine whichever announcements payments (I connect sponsored) has. Although here also it is necessary to handle very well these data, it is a simple form that you she will indicate if you can campaign in Google Adwords. If the number of sponsored connections is or very little little, this means that there are few sites competing with that key word and this is an encouraging data that it is not much what up to here I showed to you, but you are a nascent one is too much, you must work these programs to learn it.

Once you have already found your niche, that you know well what you are going to sell, you have left some things to do, that is to say they are: To choose the suitable name (dominion) that will have your Web site, after an interesting analysis search. To choose the lodging for the Web site (hosting). To prepare the Web site where you will sell products, if you do not know to do you will contract it (to webmaster) placing information, images and data (the contents). To prepare some alternative pages of landing (landig page). Autorresponder, that will allow you to make a list of subscribers (hot list) and to program stops it to send mails or bills of sale (mailing marketing) with supplies, discounts and promotions?If it is necessary to add a payment platform to him (Gateway of payment). Among others things.

And finally to do publicity of the site in Google Adwords doing to compete to several announcements (a con others) trying to optimize the results to lower the price of the cost by click (CPC) and also of measuring permanently these results (Google Analytics) and of managing to increase amount of sales (conversion). Finally: although it seems very complex I assure, you that it is not it as much, only requires of that puts hand to the work and begins in one go, soon on the march you go obtaining experiences own (those that but will serve to you) and little by little you will become a professional of e-commerce and you will be handling several businesses in the network. But you do not worry, because I repeat to you, that although you do not create it, is not most difficult, . most difficult, which more hill, which always is delayed, is: . to .comenzar. Very many Luck! White Eduardo original Author and source of the article