Mobile Internet

EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) extends the capabilities of SMS: You can format text (bold, italics, underline), no restrictions in size. You can include in the message simple images (including animated) and the melody. But if the recipient's phone does not support the standard – it will take only the text of the message, ie ordinary SMS. More today is a MMS (Multimedia Message Service) – Standard allows you to send and receive high-grade images, sounds, videos. In fact, it's a hybrid SMS and E-mail: MMS message is more reminiscent of an e-mail with an attached media file. No wonder that this protocol works only on phones that support GPRS – Mobile Internet standard.

Internet (GPRS) GPRS Availability send and receive e-mails, visit Internet sites that use your phone as a modem. Ultimately, the usefulness of the services determined by the capabilities the phone: he should at least have a good display for a full display of information. If you going to go online with a laptop or PDA via a mobile phone – is to decide in advance what a way to connect your phone to be used (for example via cable or infrared). Further development Technology GPRS – EDGE. With this technology, the data rate is doubled. Data Transfer If you want to transfer to another phone picture or ringtone, download data from your computer, connect your laptop or PDA computer to the Internet via the phone – you need the data transfer functions. The most technically simple and affordable way to connect to the computer – through a connecting cord that plugs into a USB or COM-port.