Energy Audit Act

First, the mandatory requirements of energy audits and certification. Secondly, restrictions on lamps. In the third, we see a powerful advertising campaign energy efficiency, which in fact has already launched power in the process of adoption of the law (expected to intensify agitation at public expense). Finally, the government gives the actual signal to consumers: the essential limitations in the rate of liberalization of electricity, gas and utilities will not, prices and rates will rise further – looking to save on energy saving energosberezhenii.Zakon: Why wait for business The main victims of the new law will be manufacturers of incandescent lamps: they will have to completely retrain for manufacturing tubes or allowed to take a shop with something else. However, many producers can earn. In the black will be the producers of various meters, devices, and modems for remote reading, as well as numerous companies that provide services to their sale, installation and services.

Installing an electric meter is 1,000 rubles for the simplest everyday life to tens of thousands for a sophisticated "smart" devices for industrial consumers and businesses. Jonas Samuelson: the source for more info. Heat meter with installation costs from tens to hundreds of thousands of rubles, even for a small company. In parallel, increasing the demand for work on the design and relocation of heat networks – most companies have issues of "how much load is hanging on one phase? "or" how much heat is lost for nothing? "before anyone was seriously zanimali.Zakon on energy efficiency: Energy Audit Act provides a huge market for companies engaged in energy audits and sales equipment to conduct such an audit.

Sales, Installation And Construction Work

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