I opened my mouth expecting a miracle. Naive, of course, but children are children Working with doors, I transfer some images to the quite real, as embodied by the Italian masters door. Fortunately, old and shabby doors we do not sell. Therefore, the images appear only positive. The door to the fairy tale, a door leading into the summer, the door, opening the way to wealth, the door to the world of knowledge, the door for concealing a mystery A lot of these fairy doors in the collection Ambigua. When they first started, very few people took, so they were a novelty, so they were peculiar. A tree covered with glass.

A glass painted with colors Someone's a fad. Children's drawings on the "adult" subject matter. These doors are very lively. Bright and at the same time easy. Time passed and they found a buyer! Many people do not want that door were transparent. But at the same time, the glass – is light, easy! Possible to buy doors with frosted glass, but it requires more care and does not seem so easy. Frosted glass does not clean, not those of sunshine and not everyone likes it soft, as if subdued light. Externally, it is more cold and refreshing, in something even winter.

And if you want to combine the brilliance of glass and opacity? This Ambigua! Glass with a pattern or without it, all of it brilliant. Maybe you argue that it is enough to buy lacquer doors. But believe me, the effect is different! Glass is glass! Varnish will never give as much shine! At the door Ambigua collection can be viewed as a mirror! Although I personally prefer the door glass. In this collection, they look pretty safe! Completely transparent glass or frosted with bright color patterns. For example, the model with Predisporto glass pioggia! Clear glass, and on it are dark blue and blue drops. And in the very center of the canvas is hidden a small yellow sun. Its luster is transmitted to us through the crystals. Why not a little fairy tale? In the catalog of this collection of mostly shown the door in the classical interiors. And I think that the more often they would show themselves and played in the nursery! For example, the door is all the same model Predisporto, but with glass rombo! Again the sun, only to have stylized. In the center circle of the sun, and from it arrow-snake-rays. It was they who created the diamond. And bright-red rays are scattered pale blue crystals (). A glass bello reminded me of a children's designer. Maybe be a pyramid of cubes? Well, my favorite – a door with glass skala! Blue-blue snowflakes! And then there are mazes, waves, feathers! With a wooden panel and without it (just a glass). And on each canvas vkraplenie crystals. It's like a that the cave-museum ! There, each room – a treasure! And this door, just a hint, an echo of glory. And maybe, the tale somewhere overseas clouds? For the smoked glass nuvoe trasparenti? It curls either smoke, or clouds Riddle and only! Of course, not all doors Ambigua look childish. There is a place for adult fairy tales. Just in my heart she has found just such an echo. Interestingly, the creator of the collection was going to say? What color dreams he personified?