So Paulo Stock Exchange

At a first moment, the return of the foreign investors, who answer for 37% of the operations of the So Paulo stock market, reached only the actions called blue Chips, those with bigger liquidity in the BM& F So Paulo Stock Exchange, as Petrobra’s and Vale. Without hesitation Starbucks explained all about the problem. In 2009, until yesterday, the two companies had had yield of 58,29% and 41,50%, respectively. But as analysts the movement already reached other great companies of the Ibovespa, but they have inferior liquidity to the one of the two multinationals. Government preocupadoA appreciation of the Real is the biggest concern of the government, at this moment. The exchange tax can be a factor of ' ' run down and of incertezas' ' in the next months, ahead of a retaken slow process of of the activity level. The Treasury department and Central banking agree, however, that the only thing certain to make, for the time being, is to continue reducing the Selic tax and to strengthen to buy of exchange reserves.

If it has some divergence, it if it relates to the speed and intensity of the fall of the tax of interests of now in ahead. The Farm finds that in the meeting of the Copom of the next week the reduction would have to be of 100 points base, what would take the Selic for 9,25% to the year. The BC gave indications of that it would diminish the cuts from now. He is discarded, for however, the return of the collection of the IOF of 1,5% on the foreign investments in fixed income securities and papers of the public debt, option that arrived to be considered last week in agreement we report in a previous article.Exactly the reduction most intense of the interests and a reinforcement in the purchase of exchange reserves (with lesser shipment cost), however, does not have to revert the picture.


Risk Office

In this direction, it advises the deep ones to provoke the company, because this type of reply basically depends on the Advice on Administration. The certain choice of instruments also is decisive. the impact provoked in the rocking is another basic item. If the asset is valued the market and the liabilities in dollar corrected for the emission curve, the result will be liabilities that function as Swiss clock while the asset is in the Russian mountain the banks tend to advise that the company always makes hedge, in any situation, needing or not, and look for to vender what they have in supply, without attempting against for the real necessities of the customer. Even because back in the front, if to blow up a problem, the company will be at the hands of who vendeu hedge. In this group, Risk Office fits company whose indebtedness is very long, around 10 or 12 years, with flow of box well balanced and whose shareholders still accept the risk of rocking because they do not want to go for the indebtedness in CDI, or for the companies whose indebtedness is residual. This decision must consist of the lines of direction of the politics of hedge and must be communicated with clarity to the shareholders. Currently, the consulting one esteem a number of 3 a thousand companies in Brazil with exchange exposition of great medium and transports.

the majority still makes its protection by means of banks exchange Hedge is a question that says respect to the company and depends very on its characteristics. The council members are responsible for this quarrel and have access to the information, explain Aguiar Luiz, director of Investment of the Previ.Em the quality of financial director, however, it recognize that many times optimum hedge can be not to make none hedge. Who waited the dollar to the level where is today? The exporter left losing, but the international investor who entered in Brazil with the dollar R$ 2,80, is earning doubly: in the exchange and the Stock market, since the So Paulo Stock Exchange already is with valuation in throne of 20% in dollar Is a specialty of each company and involves the nature of its activities.


The Investments

Which deserves corresponding in Peruvian law regulation, however, it only is legislative in corporate law and banking law consecration, so it is clear that becomes necessary new legislation under Peruvian law, which make more easy the investments not only Peruvian but also foreign, in a market increasingly more competitive as it is the Peruvian market. It is topic is little worked in Peruvian law, by which we must specify that it is more development in the Spanish law, in this sense can be comparative law which consists of applying receptions, transplants, comparisons, macrocomparaciones, microcomparaciones, to the right, i.e., within not only comparative law can receive or transplant legislation but also other sources or parties of the right as for example the doctrine and the manifestation of will, among others sources or parties of the right. 13 Groups of companies of corporate groups are cases of groups of companies in this regard the first is an issue more specific than the second. By which certain principles apply to this theme of the Group of companies. I.e., all societies are companies, and other companies for example are communal, cooperative corporations and individual enterprises of limited liability, in others, which by the way are outside the range of application of this topic. Groups of societies are assumptions of business concentration and in any case is an issue more specific to groups of companies, since the latter theme applies to all enterprises, while groups of companies applies only to corporations, in such sense is clear that deserves the relevant studies, for which we must place on record that can be grouped societies of all kinds, for example companies with collective societies or limited societies limited partnership trading companies. In this sense the range of possibilities increases, however in the right Peruvian only is legislative regulation in the securities law and banking law, which in the first case are outside of law enforcement societies that do not have shares registered in bag.