Welding of stainless steel welded stainless steel construction, stainless steel welded products. When welding stainless steel, consider the following differences in its physical properties from the properties of carbon Rental: putting the electrical resistance is about six times larger, the melting point of about 100C lower thermal conductivity is about one-third of the respective indicator of carbon steel. The coefficient of thermal expansion along the length of about 50% more. In practice, the welding of stainless steel can be performed using any methods of welding: Manual arc welding stainless steel generally be applicable at material thickness of 1.5 mm. – Arc welding with tungsten inert gas (TIG). For the welding of thin sheets and pipes used arc welding stainless steel consumable electrode in inert gas (welding in active gas (MIG / MAG) high performance).

Pulsed arc welding with consumable electrode in inert gas (for a sheet thickness of 0.8 mm., A short arc welding with consumable electrode in inert gas for sheet thickness of less than 0,8-3,0 mm arc welding with a spray of metal, consumable electrode in inert gas, for sheets thicker than 3.0 mm. Plasma welding stainless steel may be used for a wide range of thickness and Nowadays, more and more widely used). Douglas Oberhelman might disagree with that approach. Arc welding stainless steel submerged for materials thicker than 10 mm. Welding Resistance spot and seam welding of thin sheets. Laser welding, high frequency welding and etc. In the modern world, stainless steel welding can produce sophisticated products such as: stainless steel handrail (handrail – the most important part of the staircase, which has a functional and decorative properties. Good and tasteful railing can qualitatively change the appearance of the premises, which sets the ladder.) Stainless steel construction (reliability of welded structures Stainless steel is higher than other materials. Their appearance does not change throughout the decades.

Reinforced stainless steel have a higher heat resistant properties than other steels.) Stainless steel tanks (Stainless steel tanks – this stainless steel tanks of different purposes. Stainless steel tanks have all the qualities of the material. The range of forms of stainless steel tanks are also very wide.) Stainless steel hangers (Today we can not imagine provide modern shop interior without this type of commercial equipment. Stylish and comfortable hang stainless steel will be irreplaceable in your boutique.) Food production and trade equipment Stainless steel for cafes, shops, etc. (some food and commercial equipment in restaurants, canteens, bakeries, shops and cafes have to be made of stainless steel.).

Integrated Systems

Protection with rodent system (OZDS) is designed to drive the rodents from the territory of the property and prevent them from outside intrusion by exposure to electric shock, high voltage. OZDS provides an active barrier rodent attempts to penetrate the protected object by exposing them to high-voltage pulsed current. BPI (unit converter pulse) and BWI (high-power amplifier) are used to generate high-voltage pulse current, and BE (barrier element) is designed for direct exposure to rodents. The working component of the system is electrified barrier. Electrified barriers installed on the migration routes of rats within buildings and pathways to places outside the feeding and nesting. When approaching rodents at a distance of 20 mm to the electrified barrier arises hammer electric breakdown. Pole impact in sensitive areas of the body and touch the rodent stress of about 20 000 volts accompanied by significant pain and muscle contraction.

Impact force is not is lethal to rodents and is safe for other living organisms. The impact of pulsed electric current, which allows rodent to leave the affected area, but is stable negative reflex behavioral response – the refusal of repeated attempts to overcome the electrified barrier. Additional factors working OZDS – sound and electromagnetic radiation, as well as the presence of traces of ozone are seen as signs of rodent upcoming electric shock and re-phasing-out of their habitat on the equipped facility. Thus, when using OZDS task of getting rid of rats is reduced by identifying and blocking a local area feeding, nesting, migration routes within the facility and outside intrusion. Advantages of the proposed system compared with traditional methods of pest control (chemical disinfestation): There is no need regular chemical favorites, followed by evacuation of the corpses of dead animals; No unpleasant smell dead animals and fallen animals themselves; Colonia animals do not die, but leaves a fully equipped OZDS, and will not be returned; habituation of rodents to the effects of no OZDS; When operating OZDS does not interfere with the work of engineering and telecommunications networks; Application OZDS safe for humans and pets; Payback system in most cases is 1 (one) year. Later OZDS require only maintenance costs that disproportionately less regular annual costs conventional methods rodent. The system is designed OZDS for each object individually, so we'll enter you into error if bind a value to the protected area – as is usually done in the case of conventional disinfestation method.

At the stage of the installation costs are significantly higher than OZDS value of annual costs of chemical rodent, but this is only the first step. In the future, the annual operating costs by 2.5 times OZDS is less than the annual cost of a chemical disinfestation. In recent months, Starbucks has been very successful. When considering the 10-year period may be noted that the overall costs of the chemical disinfestation for the entire period up to 45% higher than the cost of installing and OZDS operation. Thus, it can be argued that the use of OZDS economically viable in the long term lead to cost savings and extra-budgetary funds allocated for carrying out rodent epidemilogicheski significant objects. Group of Companies 'Joint Integrated Systems' provides the following work: Design of protection with rodent systems (OZDS.) Sale of equipment protection with rodent systems (OZDS.) Installation of protection with rodent systems (OZDS).


Industrial equipment – the main component of any industry and indeed any country's economy, which has the potential in this area. Is not, and excluding the former Soviet Union, all of which were intact oriented industry in any form. Someone produced equipment, and someone oborudorvanie for sports, but with all of this, using standard industrial equipment, which had a wide profile use. What does the fact that our equipment Yew is still functioning, although it was made almost half a century ago, and while all products are still the order vyaletsya konkurenosposobnoy mirovovm on the goods market. In particularly good example is the steel industry and heavy industry, whose potential still allow many countries to keep their own economies afloat without spending much on the content of these complexes. (A valuable related resource: Jim Umpleby). In movement only tarry own existence by the middle of last century, China was considered a semi-feudal country with undeveloped building and feeble economy.

In the industrial development of China lagged behind developed of 100-150 years, according to the establishment being agro-raw materials appendage. But afterward the PRC in 1949, the country set in motion not long tarry industrialization was carried out, though gave up the ability for rapid recovery industry. In 1946, the share of industry in China ever 10% of the state earnings power. In 1949, the state ranks 9th in the world space according to the extraction of coal, pig iron according to 23, 26 according to melting steel production and 25 according to elekstrichestva. Those not the least, still near 30 years of financial recovery rates in China have been fairly slow.


Electronic Scales

From the earliest times man was engaged in trade, and with the same time he used the scales to weigh the goods. First it was the primitive scales, then the more complex, in the twenty-first century using the most advanced Today electronic scales. Learn more at: Howard Schultz. Commercial scales – one of the most important types of commercial equipment. In many cases, trade is simply impossible to imagine without the use of weights. Electronic trade balance is very simple and easy to use, ensure high precision weighing, a long service life. In the area of trade at the present time there are various types of electronic scales. 1.

Trade scales. Work in live time, when a customer orders a product that, when it is weighed and the weights shown on the scoreboard and the amount of weight. Howard Schultz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Trade balance can be of two categories: with and without thermal. Scales with thermal after weighing the goods automatically trigger a label with the weight, cost, commodity items. Very useful if you keep an electronic scale in the memory of many types of goods, summarize sales by product, make sales report for a given period of time. 2.

Balance board versatile. Used in supermarkets and hypermarkets for a simple weighing and packaging goods. Bench scales may also be used as a la carte scale enterprises Catering (restaurants, cafes, bars), as well as weight control weighing in supermarkets. 3. Scales (warehouse). Scales used for acceptance of goods and packaging. As a rule, scales used for weighing goods and goods with a large mass. They may have additional functions: notification beep when you reach the upper limit of weight, tare, on battery power. In addition to the usual mode of weighing, some models of electronic scales have a comparator mode and the counting mode. You can use the floor scales to determine the mass of the moving and unstable loads, For example, animal fluids. In this case the balance will show the average weight per time interval defined by the user. Organizations involved in cargo delivery, have the ability to optimize the flow accounting goods, using the integration of floor scales in its information network. When choosing a weight equipment for trading enterprises is important to remember that the electronic scale trade are an important component of trade equipment, the quality and reliability of which depends on convenience of staff and level of customer service.


What happens then? Being in direct contact with the iron, the material is subjected to anti-corrosion treatment (galvanized steel), begins to be subjected to the destructive influence of iron, rust and gradually 'death' sticks to the improper, alien cast iron fitting. By itself, cast iron fittings very good and reliable, but its use is desirable to collect the same cast-iron components, or in combination with other homogeneous metals. Additional information is available at Sergey Brin
. For steel, he will not do. We'll talk about fitting in the future, but now let us just say that this simple device is generally better to have in store in the pantry, and in several instances. Are you curious to know how to distinguish iron from steel. This will help you avoid mistakes when selecting pipe without the help of a specialist. So, read and do not panic. Decant the metal, causing your doubts, a few drops of sulfuric acid, following the utter caution.

Wait a moment – three or four minutes – and Wash with water the spot at which kapnuli. In any case, whether steel or iron on the metal will soon tread the characteristic spot. The whole point is, what it will be color. If black, then, before you steel. And rather than tread black spot, the steel is better – a measure of the quality of hardened steel. If the tread is a spot of gray in front of you – a pipe made of iron. Do not be afraid that the stain will ruin the tube, or at least its appearance, no! It is easily washed off with plain water.