Security On The Internet

Many of us have not doubt in making transactions online? Do those who do not believe in security that can give us Internet? Many web sites we have not visited but we do not dare to go beyond for fear of being conned or fooled by what is offered to us? Internet find much information which we can not verify as well that many websites that it is not difficult to trust. We can find some sites that inform us about the security of the web site that we visited as the famous Mcafee site but still doubts we are presented as opinions that we can find are complete strangers who make us even doubt whether it is that they are not planted in order to motivate with your comments. There are other sites like where we find irrelevant comments and/or other kind of content that does not correspond to what they offer on their website. Also how many web pages do not give the opportunity to arise precisely because we don’t know them and infuse us fear ending always in the same popular pages or of the companies in which we commit ourselves physically or have a brand or recognition. Remember that one of the advantages assumed offers Internet is the eliminate monopolies and oligopolies, as everyone can compete without economic differences.

Some websites that we find on the Internet may be scam or to deceive the consumer which may avail themselves of the following strategies well is to steal information, send spam or spam or steal your money: forms where collect sensitive information unless it is encrypted or protected. In recent months, Jonas Samuelson has been very successful. This information travels over the Internet without the necessary security and your information is exposed to any hacker or badly intentioned person with a sniffer or voyeur program can be made of this information easily. These sites are unscrupulous and this is a way of giving signals that do not mind their safety and therefore will have no rules laid down for the protection of data as with it they are already violating. .