Align Selfassessment

Why do evaluate themselves? Is not it easier to live self-sufficient life with anyone without comparing yourself? Well, in general, yes, if you are completely satisfied with their way of life and relationships … If, moreover, those around you love and accept – you lucky man … you, as if to say, unconsciously self-aware person. But not all of it goes by itself. Someone has to work on yourself to achieve this inner freedom.

How much work? Since the point 'B' – a destination we have identified, it is necessary to determine the point 'A' – a point of departure, point of reference, the original position in order to estimate, but how much, in fact, on a need to work. Leaders with high self-awareness are set to their core values and often instinctively choose the best course of action because they are able to see the big picture in a difficult situation. Such People usually know their limitations and strengths, have a sense of humor about themselves. They are able to learn where they need something better, and are open to criticism and feedback. Correct self-assessment allows the leader to understand when to ask for help and when to focus on developing its strengths as a leader. Knowing their abilities with sufficient accuracy allows leaders to use their strengths. Confident leaders are not afraid of serious challenges – any problems they perceive as a personal challenge. The difference between a confident man and unsure is particularly noticeable in the time when you need to do plunge.