The Heart

And you are the indicated person that she must teach all this to his children. He now respects the process in decline of the final result, the approach that must have as father when teaching to them to its children as to have an own business it is going to be different from the approach that it would have with a business his. Although it is important to strive so that the business is successful, the aim is net going to be educative. It is important to have this in mind from the beginning, since we adult them focused too much in the end item when the excellent thing is the process of the learning. We like good notes, the distinctions and diplomas, but we did not pay attention to which happens in the heart of the boy whereas it assimilates all these new knowledge. The process is much more important that the end item. A process of healthy learning must have the following ingredients: own motivation, enthusiasm, approach, individualism, to be related to the real life, productive and it must provide a experience with success beyond a note or the consent of you.

The boy must include/understand that he has surpassed himself in a learning area and that it can return to obtain in any other instance. He provides experiences of the real life Is preparation to make little conventional things with his children. For example, so that they learn to negotiate, what better place than the local market so that they learn to debate on the price of his products? We have taken to our children to a local fair in which they sell his chickens and used clothes. In that context so little elaborated, but real, they have gained many valuable experiences. Outside learning to remove the best price for his products, they learned to take care of his things, since they robbed a complete merchandise stock market to them in an opportunity.