6 Rules

In order to use safely and profitably should be well informed. Filed under: Kevin Johnson. To find out what you should invest in terms of quantity, place, manner, everything, to be researched in the best way. It is for this that I will submit the top ten rules you must know before investing. 1 .- To know the level of risk much money do I have to know how much I’m willing to lose for more profitability. Depending on age, economic status and the trachea a para investment. 2 .- Risking More to Earn More People say that you no gain. Normally, higher yields mean higher risks, as well as risking little goes a few returns. 3 .- The Diversified funds that only invest in a fund makes to risk more.

That is why the recommendation is to invest in fixed income funds and equity. 4 .- Do not be afraid of Equities Although often only offers fixed income investments to be more secure, dare to bet on your equities and earnings may be better. 5 .- Try to Make Comparisons always compare your investment with a similar and also with inflation. This will help you better assess your risks in carrying out the investment. 6 .- Commissions Research funds are often the same performance, so it is recommended that you check less commission which is to give you greater profitability. The suggestion is to revise the rules in a cautious manner, taking them into account and after that you can make a better decision as to how and is most suitable for investment. M. Marin Associates Hold Employee hold.mx.