Appearance of Office Space

Office furniture appearance of office space now given special attention because of what looks like office inside, like equipped office space depends on what effect will produce to visitors and office the firm's clients. Read more from Ben Horowitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. That is, the appearance of the office – this is one of the components of the image, the image of the company, created in the minds of those who somehow has to do with your firm. It is therefore not surprising that many firms are giving to the subject enough attention. In particular, a very important role in setting up the office carries out office furniture. Production of specialized office furniture today has become a separate line of furniture, as office furniture manufacturer has its own characteristics, it presented a number of requirements.

Well, firstly, the requirement of high degree of reliability of furniture, as it is usually subjected to a rather lengthy and relatively heavy loads. Secondly, it should be as comfortable and ergonomically designed, as the degree of comfort and ergonomic office furniture specialist in performance is highly dependent entire office staff. In addition to the above, office furniture should look stylish and modern, should be made from environmentally friendly materials and so on. In the premises of various purposes, in the offices used a variety of furniture items. This is furniture for personnel (office desks and chairs), furniture for the office of senior staff (leather chairs for office managers, other specialized furniture of the head), as well as other pieces of furniture: office partitions stylish, comfortable and ergonomic metal office furniture, reception desks, comfortable office furniture for the recreation areas, facilities for , conference rooms, reception, inordinately, and more. One of the most famous manufacturers of office furniture is an Italian office furniture factory FREZZA, which has a representative office in Russia, in Moscow. Internet Directory of office furniture FREZZA Russian office contains a large assortment of products for the office equipment. Directory of office furniture

Upholstered Furniture

This laminated furniture office furniture does not require special care. Laminate – shock, heat and moisture-resistant material. However, it should protect the furniture from falling onto its surface liquids from mechanical damage, no to put on her hot items without insulation pads. Remove dust with a soft, dry cloth (flannel, plush). Freshening of the surface and remove various contaminants using special formulations for cleaning furniture such as 'polish'.

Lacquered furniture best way to maintain a lacquered office furniture in excellent condition – regularly cleaned her special cleaning agent based on beeswax. This tool has water-repellent and antistatic effect, makes furniture shine, and smooths out minor imperfections. skin care Although leather is durable and surprisingly easy to handle material, the damage it can cause high temperature and exposure to direct sunlight, cleaning agents, not intended for skin care. In the care of leather furniture is not recommended to use a solvent, acetone, soap or detergent powder. Filed under: Douglas Oberhelman. Skin better with a damp cloth, use a cream to clean skin. It should be remembered that the spots should be removed immediately and never use a hair dryer to dry soaked area.

care of upholstery Upholstered furniture for maintaining silky shine of the material and dust cloth should be treated regularly vacuumed. Padding is recommended to periodically wipe with a damp (not wet) sponge. Stains are removed with a soft and dry brush, low pollution clean with a weak solution of soapy water. It should be remembered that water use should be limited to: excessive moisture can leave stains on the fabric. These recommendations relate to upholstered furniture, upholstered flock, Splender, jacquard. To maintain the beauty and durability of furniture are advised to observe the following rules: 1. Used furniture in accordance with its functional purpose. 2. Temperature Indoor air should be at least 2 and not higher than 40 C, relative humidity – 45-70%. Significant deviation from this regime leads to a significant deterioration in consumer quality furniture. 3. Not recommended positioning furniture closer 0,5-0,7 m from heaters and other heat sources and avoid direct sunlight, which causes aging paint and leads to deformation of furniture boards. 4. Assembly of furniture should be performed in full accordance with the assembly drawing (outline). For the assembly of complex products is recommended to attract qualified professionals. 5. When operating the furniture should not make excessive force to open doors, use of drawers and other moving parts. Their proper operation is ensured by adjusting the hinges or grease the guide rods with paraffin or similar in physico-chemical properties of non-aggressive means. 6. Should protect the surface of furniture and its design elements from mechanical damage. 7. To care for furniture use special cleaning and polishing funds.


Choosing A Kitchen

For each person, and to a greater extent it relates to the beautiful half of humanity, the kitchen is the place where most of the time in the house. Beautiful finish, all the windows that creates a cozy and pleasant impression which are created culinary masterpieces. But not only the right choice selection of windows, finishes for walls and floors make the kitchen warm and sets her a friendly atmosphere. Important role in this interior orchestra plays itself kitchen furniture. So, what are we going to govern the purchase of kitchen furniture? Naturally one of the main criteria when buying furniture is its price. Office furniture, for example must meet high requirement of durability, to withstand repeated removals. Furniture for the house in this regard does not differ greatly from office furniture. Quality materials and components are often many times more expensive than for a similar office furniture.

Once the conversation began about the furniture for the kitchen, let's extend it. And so with its own budget, suppose you have decided what's next? Together, let us analyze the basic components of kitchen furniture. From What is included in the price? And the price for this piece of furniture can be from 25 thousand rubles. to several million. Of course, the size of the premises, where there will be a kitchen, play a significant role in the price.

Kitchen in a small apartments are not very expensive, but fancy designer unfold there not really nowhere. In this article, I will not write about the elite and superexpensive kitchens, and write about the bread. As a rule, all the furniture, like kitchen, and the entire cabinet made of laminated chipboard. The cost of this material is on average 20 percent of the cost of the entire kitchen. Next is the table top – it can be made as of inexpensive material, such as post forming or more solid and durable artificial stone. Facades, or as some call them face furniture. Indeed, nothing so much attracts the eye, such as facades, made of glossy enamel. Furniture accessories, retractable boxes, nets, drying. According to him, we talk next time, because this topic requires special attention. So to sum up, we decided to order what is in our kitchen, talked a bit about the materials. In future articles I will write more about stone countertops and washes, the furniture fittings and accessories.