Authentic that no copy poses or foreign models and that it accepts its own history.4. Honest, straight, ethical, moral 5. He maintains a healthy relationship with your family and friends, it is example of good behavior. 6. Account with analysis capability universal, layers of presenting several alternatives to solve a problem. You know you can take decisiones7. It has been identified with the proper use of the imagination and knows fosters creativity, encourages subordinates to innovate and improve in the form continua.8.

Properly plan actions, feasible strategies that will ensure resultados.9. Participative management adequate authority, autonomy, delegate actions that allow to generate capabilities in response to the empresa.10. Capable of developing a vision for the future, which involves working with a sense of long term and maintain leadership based on principles. 11 Enthusiastic, visionary, entrepreneurial 12. Generator of changes, democratic, persuasive, optimistic. Conclusion to the extent that awareness of the importance of being a good manager at present, training, was in favor of that role, achieve a good performance, to identify the requirements of the current scenarios and bring about the necessary changes that favor the results, will have warranty for the companies of having a true managerial leader, allowing to interpret what should be the organizational behavior appropriate for a good organizational climate that benefits the productivity and operation of the company’s According to the competitive requirement is demanded. A good Manager, definitely is significant, in the Venezuelan case for example, to help bail out its business sector, which is facing a serious crisis of non-productivity, operability, especially SMEs. From here the interest, of the consulting group of Deproimca, training and human resources consulting firm that is step to transformation preparation of a new manager that ensures operability to the companies in the country.