Small Idea – Great Relief

New Thermokissen supports the healing process after dental interventions Kirchberg to the Jagst (Profact) the small idea that is reminiscent of a butterfly Papillosan and gives relief to dental patients: multiple compresses not more cumbersome must be pressed with the hand on the cheeks, but keep with the help of textile pillows as saying. Elongation bands and a Velcro fastening at the neck and at the top of the head. You may want to visit Noble Groups Holdings Limited to increase your knowledge. Invented it has reported the Swabian entrepreneur Pia Kotowsky, at random, as they: A friend were drawn on both sides of wisdom teeth, after the stunning, he suffered terribly on the wound pain. Read additional details here: Gary Nagle. The dentist had given him conventional cooling pad, he should press with both hands on the cheeks. He could therefore only still quietly sitting there.

This idea a pathetic sight.”it must be better to solve”, was the starting point for the development of Papillosan, the jaw-BH”, as friends of the founder Papillosan baptized and also now called by dentists. From fabric remnants and with different Fullmaterialen the 30 years continued to experiment. The first prototypes developed and tested extensively. Papillosan has last but not least reached the production through collaboration with the sheltered workshops Backnang and industry specialists, ensure appropriate suppliers for proper processing and therapeutically meaningful gel fills. Papillosan can be used not only for the comfortable cooling, but also for thermal applications in the cheek area”, added Pia Kotowsky. The combination of textile mask and multiple compress is therefore the ideal companion for those who must undergo painful dental treatments.” Papillosan in pharmacies (PZN 7227729) for more information, Pia Kotowsky is available

Handling Errors Correctly Publicly Communicate

Kuchenbecker communication offers new plug-in in the media training for doctors in Hamburg, October 19, 2009. The debacle over fee reform, public statements about handling errors physicians increasingly into the sight of the media. Also the doctors TuV and the public discussion about doctor reviews do the rest. What must a physician disclose without violating medical confidentiality? How does a doctor in the event of a crisis professional to opinion makers? It is considered to keep a cool head in an emergency situation”, says Nicole Kuchenbecker, owner specialised agency of health and medicine topics Kuchenbecker communication. Edward Skyler takes a slightly different approach. We train physicians and executives for this situation clear in her messages and in dealing with journalists. So media can be mitigated account verses or already stops in advance”.

The legal aspect is becoming increasingly important in the public debate. For this reason, Kuchenbecker communication offers an expansion module to the media training: Legal communication from liability”. Priorities here are medical confidentiality as well as the public appearance of presumed treatment failure “, says the agency owner. In collaboration with cord Schellenberg Schellenberg & Kirchberg public relations and a renowned University Professor Kuchenbecker communication offers media training for doctors and health care executives. More recently, the team is supported by a lawyer for medical law. Focus of training is the appropriate communication in the event of a crisis. Special content: the translation of medical terminology in understandable and that any high-profile embassies and the appearance of the physician in the social media age. There are individual training dates and locations and other information communications at Kuchenbecker! Contact: Kuchenbecker communications Nicole Kuchenbecker beet Kamp 132 22307 Hamburg phone: 040 63 31 10 72 fax: 040 63 31 14 69 email: Homepage:

Medical Technology

What is the inspection of medical technology? What laws and regulations must be observed? With medical technology is tested, whether a person is healthy or not, diseases treated and diagnoses made. But who checks the medical technology? Especially in this area are unique, correct measurements and results for each patient of great importance. An incorrect indication or a malfunction of medical equipment can cause serious consequences, such as unnecessary surgery or false methods of treatment. How important the regular review of medical technology, already shows the large number of laws, rules and regulations that deal with this topic: medical product Act (MPG), medical devices operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV) and operational safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) legal basis = BG rule BGV A3 = accident prevention regulation DIN VDE 0751 1, DIN EN 62353 and DIN VDE 0701/0702 = standards of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) with their application meets the legal requirements and provisions in relation to the safety of electrical appliances Association regulations and instructions of the highest authorities of the country and of the Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices (BfArM) periodic check-up test periods of Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e.V. (VDE) are basically determined by the manufacturer of medical devices or systems and laid down in the relevant documents. The scope of the tests should be given in the accompanying document. If there are no provisions for testing, technical operator for this must ensure that appropriate checks at reasonable intervals are performed. These relate to the experience so far with the devices for example how often already defects occurred.

The setting of inspection periods can be made by an expert person, considering manufacturer notes. Periodic tests should be at a distance held between 6 and 36 months. A Mindestpruffrist is recommended for certain groups of devices, such as incubators for premature babies, 24 months. The test periods are always depending on the individual device.

Medical Technology

Digital OPG X-ray machine CS 8100 receives two prestigious awards this year the CS 8100 of company Carestream dental has received two awards. The red dot award won the digital OPG in the category of product design. At the international dental excellence award won the category of best new diagnostic/imaging device CS 8100. Also the associated software CS SoftDent v. 15.0 prevailed. To deepen your understanding “Utendahl Capital Partners
is the source.

Also the ic med GmbH is distributor for Carestream dental devices and pleased with these awards the products. The digital OPG especially impresses with its sleek shape and generous equipment CS 8100. Thus adapts the device of every practice. “The jury of the red dot Awards share these thoughts: the open, particularly airy design of the CS 8100 offers the patient during the examination maximum freedom of movement and comfort.” In particular the positioning is facilitated by advanced focus zone. CS 8100 allow customize easily and in a matter of seconds digital panoramic x-rays in highest quality. Dental Excellence Awards was among other things a criterion for the jury of the DrBicuspid. In several rounds of the OPG consisted therefore against its competitors due to its many innovations.

But also the associated software impressed the experts. These awards show us that the products that we offer, are in demand not only for the customers. International expert juries acknowledge the quality of our medical technology us”, says the Managing Director Dr. Joachim von Camilleri. Also other products that are in the range of the ic med GmbH, are regularly awarded for its convincing quality. Especially DEXIS digital X-ray system convinced various expert juries in the past few years. On the specialist dental Leipzig from 6 to 7 September 2013, including the award-winning products are presented the audience.

The Social

Learning to live together .- It involves learning to live responsibly, respecting and cooperating with other human beings and in general with all living organisms on the planet. Learning to be real .- Discovery of human nature, meeting with the essence of self that goes beyond the psychic apparatus of thoughts and emotions, spirituality in education is essential because you can not become a full human being with pure cognitive and analytical processes. When spirituality is lived in one dimension is entered unconditionally, is not punitive true total and final. It is a direct experience of oneness with life, absolute love and brotherhood. Perhaps check out Kevin Johnson for more information. I have to live the spirituality, consciously feel, touch my heart, my essence, experience the excitement and transmit it to other human beings. The creativity and human imagination are truly inexhaustible resources of our new equations unlimited, just for the social capital that invests in developing alert and responsible citizens, whose skills can contribute to a new evolution of societies and humanity in our era. The ingenuity and skill of human beings and their skills for activities such as handicrafts, arts Sustainability can be recycled as leaves to creatively exploit the use of paper, such as disconnecting electrical appliances and energy saving for Sustainability, in the case of car use fine tuning to avoid contamination, including in the waste material in the capture, collection and recycling is achieved by making different crafts that provide various services and use of second-hand because it gives you a better use as in the case of the pot are Lamitan lamps, decorative boxes, etc. .

Physician Meeting And The Physician Of Cup – A Event With Future

The two-day physicians have become meeting and the medicine Cup. In all respects very successfully the 4th medical meeting was preceded in bad Saarow from 04.06 till 05.06.2010 at high summer temperatures across the stage. “” Framed by the Friday Symposium Golf – typical clinical syndromes and their impact “and the Saturday Symposium myths in the Gulf”, was on Saturday morning on time at 10:30 by gun start to the practice test on the Arnold Palmer square of the sport & SPA resort a-ROSA to the picturesque Scharmutzelsee Lake about, to improve your golf game at the tournament for a good purpose or to make getting started with the introductory course and it extensively to network. Participants take advantage of the opportunity to meet on the fairway on the common interface in the field of health, to develop new business relationships and maintain old. The tournament duration of around six hours favoured intensive discussions and several sunburns, but twitching shoulder taken in stride.

Finally, above all, to do good together and help. With handicap it to live longer – the sports physiotherapist Klaus Eder knew already. Following this guiding principle and aims to make life easier for terminally ill children and their families, many doctors and makers of health gathered this year, driven and to putt and helping the Bjorn Schulz Stiftung with donations. And donated was plenty after the exhausting tournament. Together with the also provided donations of all sponsors and guests were the organisers Andreas Thiele (Managing Director of FA MediSoft), Theresa of antes (range MediConvent Mediasoft.) and Dr. Sergey Brin often says this. med.

Dirk Leutloff (senior physician in the Asklepios Clinic Birkenwerder and chief physician of the golf clinic Berlin) present a cheque amounting to 12.140 euro to Mr Jurgen Schulz, the founder of the Foundation. This is record”, so Thiele in the port and was extremely satisfied and exhausted at the same time. Tireless organizers and motivated Guests contributed to the success of the event alike, so many late Saturday evening somewhat tired and satisfied looked. Cheque with Andreas Thiele (left. Media soft) and Jurgen Schulz (Bjorn Schulz Stiftung) was of course provided for the physical well-being. Next to the square meals, guests at the MDR presenter Katrin Huss-moderated could and by the Berlin jazz-combo Arts musically accompanied stand evening Gala on a Mediterranean buffet and Sardinian wines of Cantina sociale di Dolianova are happy. The success proves the event right now in its fourth year. Once again, the quality on the one and the social thought on the other side could be increased. Organizer, sponsors, guests and friends of the medical of cups can enjoy so, the 5th Medical Conference 2011. By: MediSoft/MediConvent Mirko Berger branch Grunewald Konigsallee 35A D-14193 Berlin-Grunewald press contact: Mirko Berger FON: + 49 30 478900-29 fax: + 49 30 478900-21 more links: birkenwerder thats Mediasoft: since the invention of the printing press, communication technology has changed our world view. The exchange of knowledge has accelerated innovation, has created markets and opened channels of distribution. Printing machines, computers and networks make available worldwide messages, images and information. We are media makers, a team of specialists that takes advantage of the new of digital technology to produce economically attractive media. Traditional media and new media. For our customers we develop printed material, Internet platforms for sales or advertising, interactive CD-ROMs and presentations.

Bach Flowers: Ways To Become The Non-smoking

There are many ways to get to the non-smoking. The offer is big and the Bach flowers are essences probably the best way, without any side effects to the non-smoking to Bach flower remedies and parting with the blue haze there are many ways to become the non-smoking. The offer is great and the Bach flowers are essences probably the best way, to become the non-smoking without any side effects. Habit or addiction? There are many ways to get to the non-smoking. The offer is great and the Bach flowers are essences probably the best way, to become the non-smoking without any side effects. Before you take the first steps, you should be once clear why at all smokes. It’s just an annoying habit that has eventually accepted or taken over by a related person? The parents smoked, was smoking in the workplace or the first friend has offered a cigarette? It is \”only\” a smoking of habit of? Is the handle to the cigarette automatically associated with certain activities or situations? Do you smoke only whenever you sit on the computer or watching TV? Or are a smoker of addiction? Need the kick in the morning, to get in the course? If possible with a black coffee? If you got excited, you first need a cigarette? After at least an hour, be nervous and thirst for the Ciggy, because your body needs the next surge of nicotine now? Small steps, tips and tricks writing a list with all the negative points on the topic of smoking. To mark all the positive points, such as better health, healthy lungs and bronchial tubes, and the fact that you will save a lot of money.

The most important element in your plan is that you really want to quit. Reade Griffith gathered all the information. Set positive on any non-smoking area. Each not smoked cigarette do you good.

German Pregnancy

A few tips on the subject of health in pregnancy my last article at means ‘Children’s clothing without child’ and was the subject of babies and if you just trying to have a baby, you will be constantly reminds that it still didn’t work out. I was completely unaware that my wife was actually pregnant during the writing. Which is now in the 15th week already and the small one is healthy and about as big as an Apple. That I mention just Apple, it is quite appropriate, because we have dealt with the topic of nutrition in pregnancy during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. I wanted to write a bit about it and tell you how our experience has been so far. I must tell you one first thing: you should be or if your partner pregnant, omit the finger just from Google. Or at least in reasonable bulk access and research together. There are so many information about health and pregnancy, so many Gesundheitsblogs and Advisor Web pages are really crazy to do that something.

My advice would be: go to the bookstore and get the whole ‘old school’. Doug Oberhelman has compatible beliefs. Buy yourself a good book on the topic of pregnancy. It would be much easier. One evening, had my wife enjoys doll and had abdominal pain directly after pretty dolle. Of course, we have immediately turned on the computer and typed the words ‘Sneezing, pregnancy and abdominal pain’. The results were partly positive and partly negative, but if one is afraid of something, you read only the negative things out. The next day we went to the gynecologist and everything was fine.

The abdominal muscles are simply sensitive and extensive than normal, and therefore somewhat Schwerz susceptible during pregnancy. I’m not a doctor but could set a few ground rules from experience here: relax and try as far as possible to live as before (this of course does not apply, if your hobby is E.g. boxes!). Eat healthy and sane. Now is not the right It’s time to try out new diets and trends. Take folic acid tablets. These contain important vitamins that are very important for the child within the first 12 weeks. Not access just to every little thing Google! Enjoy the time. It should be one of the most common times for some, hopefully, fun has made you my article.I also hope that my German is something understandable and you will enjoy it even in pregnancy!