Wall Stickers: Trendy Tattoos For Home

New possibilities for all trendsetters. From the body to the wall: trendy tattoos for home! Who thinks bringing tattoos only on our skin, which is wrong. The first tattoos for the murals were created a few years ago. The success speaks for itself, because already now many shapes, patterns and motifs in all possible color variants exist. William Dawes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. But what is it exactly wall decals, for which rooms they are suitable and what are the current best sellers? For millennia, decorate our body tattoos and are par excellence the timeless fashion trend. The decision for a tattoo often is caused by the desire to express individuality, originality, or even the personal attitude to life. Luscha baumwald is actively involved in the matter. What applies to our body, can be good idea for your own four walls. Wall decals are recently considered the trend when it comes to residential design and currently experiencing a boom in the market.

But what exactly speaks well for a tattoo? It is self-adhesive films that not only chic look, but are also easy to assemble. Adhesive and nails belong to the past. Also the walls spared unsightly holes and cracks after removal of decals (stickers). Because they have the advantage that simply and easily can be removed it from the wall to their namesakes and wallpapers. Combines technical skill and human creativity: with the help of Photoshop and co. are no limits the designers, which explains the huge diversity of wall decals.

The huge range of colorful ornaments to subtle forms in the classic black and white. The online-shop of the Dresden company pictures worlds even has a tattoo Designer. A catchy saying with a personal touch, or would you prefer a quote from Albert Einstein, all of this is feasible with this design program. By around 30 extravagant fonts and trendy colours can be left here free rein of own creativity. For the less artistically The pictures-worlds-shop over 2500 prefabricated wall decals offered gifted. No matter whether a scene from the flora and fauna or Chinese characters are preferred, offered styles are very varied. Be it the living room, kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area or offices should be embellished, wall decals give a distinctive aura all rooms. Africa feeling in the living room to the World Cup atmosphere in the hobby room, fact is: this new type of wall decoration is set high in the course on the basis of their individual diversity and ensures pure living pleasure for young and old. The range of pictures worlds provides a wide range of current trends and fashionable bestsellers. While the men favored motifs around the black and White Leather this summer, the women love to decorate their four walls to evoke first spring fever with colourful Hibiscus flowers or butterflies in shades of pastel. Claudia Elm

The Comeback Of The Carpet

Constantly is stepped on him around, while he wants to just one: look nice and be comfortable. Time that the Otto-normal carpet doing something good for his image. (tdx) Is set up an apartment again is it a new carpet usually not remembered. No wonder, watching one is in German furniture stores around. Shelves, tables, sofas and co. to exhibition rooms lovingly together, while carpets are piled up on an otherwise empty area thrown. Sure, the same Oriental patterns, UNIS and old-fashioned colours anyway everyone knows, why get so bothered? But the new generation of carpets is anything other than the ever same rut of rectangles in faded colours and the same structure. Out of the grey”is the motto of the manufacturer is so studied and designed, yarns are combined, 3-D created optics and mimics nature to really for basically everyone a matching carpet model is available.

Because carpets are not only to do this because, to the parquet floor protect or the feet warm to keep carpets are true objects, which can add accents and give a room that special something. In modern living situations where kitchen, dining area and living room form a large room, rugs can create soft transitions or divide the areas. A living room, which was established with the basic and trend colour white, takes a dark shaggy carpet the rigour and makes him seem more comfortable. Vice versa, a bright carpet between dark Walnut furnishings loosens the atmosphere. Carpets, which are equipped with deep-pile soft spots in bright colors, such as, for example, Spotlight provide splash of colour”in the truest sense of the word,” of Arte Espina.

While organic shapes, warm colors and floral patterns rather appeal to women was also the more design-oriented clientele of men thinking: graphical patterns, geometric lines, angular shapes and tend to cool colors, such as blue, gray and black to accentuate the Office of the Man of the House. Children can use as a playground right your carpet mind. The island carpet of Arte Espina provides such an approach for many game situations: so the island can a boat to cruises or the hidden treasure are lifted there are no limits to the imagination.

Signs Of Love

Not more than a half hour ago, I was lying on my couch watching a movie not so new or so well-known, but finally a romantic movie: signs of love, you will understand that on the eve of new year to creative teams of cable cannot think them a better schedule than this, but well that is not the case, what comes is to ask ourselves how a writer has the imagination to believe that we tragaremos the story that destiny put it in your path repeatedly to your better half as you see it and it will send you signals that make missing so that you realize that that person is. By God! Thousand times I have asked for a miraculous sign that tell me that this if he is the man of my life and the only thing that I have heard have been crickets! And all the times that I have seen thousand signs that remind me of the person, simply was not correct. And to give more credibility to what you tell them, I quote a couple of situations that happened to me recently. I was madly in love with a Bonbon, a type that brought everything together what always I asked a man, really everything, and when I met him I think that he felt that the heart is leaving me, not doing or two minutes I had looked it and told me towards my innermost being than as regio type! and there he was faced with my asking me dancing, and of course danced with it, also I drank a drink with him, I gave him a tight hug and my phone number; but as everything goes wrong in life I imagine that this Superman never would call me, error! Called me, we went out, we spent a beautiful romantic moment in a wonderful place, but there came the wicked life and I snatched my handsome man as it was abroad had to return to his country and I didn’t know more than the.

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Public Relations

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The EU Gives Egypt A Replica Of The Tomb Of Tutankhamun

EFE is an exact replica, work of the British Adam Lowe. It worked, for three years, a team of 40 people. The mystery is in the skin, created with a material that have refused to disclose. Tuntakamon has a double since this Tuesday. It’s an exact replica that the European Union has given to Egypt. A jewel faronica work of a Spanish study.

In this project, headed by the British artist Adam Lowe, forty people over three years have participated. However, the delivery was scheduled for February 2011, but the Egyptian revolution postponed it. According to Lowe, the replica is an authentic forensic study for which was recorded in 3D, for six weeks, the Tomb original so that the copy would be as faithful as possible.And it seems that they have achieved it because unlike the orginal, you can touch, and the precision to the touch is Micron, thanks to the work of the Studio Factum Arte. For its construction, has been used fiberglass resin, polyurethane of average density and a secret material. The mystery is in the skin. A kind of elastic skin that envelops everything and that is where the paintings of the Tomb are printed. Then we adhere that layer with glue and vacuum pumps, explained sculptor Javier Barreno. However, as the entire team, rejects reveal what material it is.

The work is currently in a luxury hotel on the banks of the Nile. However, the dream of its creator is that moving to the South of the country and is located behind the House of Howard Carter, the discoverer of the original Tomb, next to the Valley of the Kings, so that it can be visited by tourists. However, will the Egyptian Government decide where will be placed. Ninety years after Carter rose to the most visited Tomb in Egypt, this project, which has counted with the support of the University of Basel (Switzerland) and the Swiss Association of friends of the Royal Tombs of Egypt, opens a new range of possibilities. Lowe has pointed out that we want to make a transfer technology to the local community so that they can also do it. In addition, the creator was raised two issues: tourists visit a replica of the Tomb may benefit? Can it act as a proactive and beneficial force?. You will have to wait to see the reception of the work by the public to respond to these questions. See more: EU gives Egypt a replica of the tomb of Tutankhamun