Best Insurance Policy

2. What is the coverage that best suits you? The extended insurance coverage against all risks do not always go profitable. A fairly average vehicle loses value from 5U years of life, so do not offset the high cost usually paid to an insurer for the alleged case of loss. In the early years, too, can achieve rates up to 30% cheaper using an excess insurance. 3. When buying a car can also help in lowering your insurance So, the cheaper is the car, the lower the insurance. A moderate power engine use less fuel, be cheaper and will reduce the price of your insurance over 25%.

Extras, such as audio equipment, spoilers, tires, etc.. , Are the objects most likely to be stolen, so that in many cases also raise the price of policies. On the contrary, there are also insurance companies that reduce their prices when the user has anti-theft features such as tracking systems or alarms. 4. Spotless accident record Good drivers who have not given in years parties have fault insurance discounts that become over 50%. On the other hand, it is necessary to note that a party with less than 300 euros value may not be worthwhile because the next year should be pay the bonus for low-loss claims. It could be much more profitable to include an excess of 300 euros, because it could be a further additional 50% savings insurance. 5.

Are there any promotions now? It is important to always be aware of promotions to get the best price possible because insurers launched various campaigns throughout the year to attract customers, and may be a good time to choose your insurance. 6. “Price, coverage, or both? If all you care is the cheapest insurance you should opt for insurance companies low cost. If not, it will be seeking more coverage policy that will give you the best price you can find. 7. Whenever possible, pay annually Although split your payments you may find it economic relief, it is worth to know that making the final price through this system can be increased by over 10%. If you can afford, the best option is to perform a single annual payment. 8. Being a policyholder is more profitable eventually fall novice drivers quite often in the shape of occasional driver on the policy of one of their parents. However, not being as full members, the companies later do not apply age discounts, which are up to 65%. 9. Less miles and a roof for your car insurers know that a car, the more miles you, the more likely an accident. So raise your policies up to 20% if made more than 30. 000 km. year. For the same reason, in a garage the vehicle is less exposure to scrapes or collisions, so the savings can reach 5%. 10. Correct data to secure a small initial savings like putting a driver occasionally a person who is actually the main driver may lead to an investigation in the case of an accident of some gravity. If we realize that some of these features may exceed 100. Cost 000 euros, we see that it is not worth at all.