The FIXIT Group presents itself in a new look & feel. Lindau, the 11 June 2013. The FIXIT group, umbrella organisation of four construction materials specialists FIXIT, HASIT, GYRO and RoFIX has put online their brand – and country-specific Web sites, and For the implementation of cross-medial PIM system with eZ publish, the FIXIT trusted group on the Produktkommunikationsoptimierer of infolox GmbH. The new Web portal of the FIXIT Group presents itself in a new look & feel.

The design is characterized by a fresh and modern page layout, focuses on meaningful imagery and emotional stuff. In detailed online catalogs, trade contractors, distributors, architects and builders for details about products and system solutions of the building materials industry, corresponding reference objects, as well as subject-specific information. Innovation and quality the pillars of successful online communication content convinced the relaunch with a consistent focus on customer benefit. The target groups are available in the respective Group portals to provide comprehensive services. In addition to subject-specific information, the users will find there also interactive tools such as the tender generator, CAD details, the Fassadenkonfigurator or the reference Finder.

The rollout of the brand sites is established dynamically in a three phased plan. HASIT Germany and the RoFIX group will go in summer 2013 HASIT Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, as well as the umbrella brand of the FIXIT site online markets. The subsidiaries of the brands daughter centrifugal be relaunched early 2014. Cross-media publishing with PIM-system and eZ publish the website which was FIXIT group with the open source Enterprise CMS eZ publish implemented. Soon all domains of the brands of FIXIT, HASIT, GYRO and RoFIX are combined in a single installation of the content management system. The data is updated through an automated export from the PIM system taking daily. So the customers and partners of the FIXIT receive the latest information in consistently high quality group in 19 markets always. – For Locally Installed Web Editors?

Cologne underdog attacking the Webdesignmarkt and launches a Web Design Kit with furious getting action! Cologne underdog attacking the Webdesignmarkt and launches a Web Design Kit with furious getting action! Locally installed Web editors include off immediately to the old iron. With, there is now a new, powerful and indispensable tool for Web designers and developers. Revolutionary: delivers results that are compatible with the most popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, TYPOlight and others with only a single button. Thus, the large outlay of earlier days is history. Changes requested by the customer are quickly met; Professionals, agencies, and developers save time, nerves and money.

Web sites quick and clean: templates and Web designs directly in the Internet browser can create, manage, and market immediately. All that intuitive, fast and efficient. Finally creative minds easily produce 100% clean CSS code and programming thanks to helpful features nerve-sparing or ready-made templates and designs, creating troublesome software installations with minimal effort, a wide range of derivatives and updates are not incurred. It’s believed that Howard Schultz sees a great future in this idea. An Internet access and browser are sufficient to operate Hear other arguments on the topic with Jonas Samuelson. Regardless of location and PC can teams without additional matching on same documents access and collaborate effectively and even sync and at the same time. offers newcomers a gentle introduction to the world of Web development and advanced workflow.

Without distraction, you can develop their concepts, present on the market place of the community, and offered for sale. “Other features an excerpt: cleanest, tableless CSS Web design Suchmaschinenfreundliche templates syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, auto completion for drag- and -drop page elements image editing function of templates released and WYSIWYG xHTML Editor Help and community export (various formats) area Visual DOM tree CSS Wizard furious getting action: the WebDesignkit” can be used free of charge and in Subscribe to full-featured for little money. Currently, offers an extremely attractive offer of starter. A registration in September’09 there are whopping 12 months membership for the price of just 1 month! Then, also offers the possibility to take advantage of this unique offer 1000 users through selected partners. Please contact (see below). for details students benefit from free or heavily discounted memberships. is a SaS WYSIWYG Web design solution with integrated marketplace for typical Internet content such as templates, the user in the Knowledgebase or the community receives designs including direct support. The Cologne Internet experts stand behind founder Stephan Helbig (CEO, and Robert C. Mendez (COO, formerly maker to expand the platform since the start of the test phase in 2008. Contact: Stephan Helbig (CEO) – Bonner road 500 – 50968 Koln – Germany T: +49(0)221-4230911 – E-Mail:- Web:

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