BitDefender Swiss Edition: E-threat Defense In Three Languages

Multilingual security-software version specifically for users in the Switzerland Holzwickede, 05 November 2009 – in German, Italian or French: with the Swiss edition of BitDefender Security Suite 2010 these three languages for users in the Switzerland are no barrier in the future. The security suites are now available total security, Internet security and antivirus 2010 in the three Swiss official languages. The solutions are compatible with Windows XP and Vista (32 and 64 bit), as well as to Microsoft’s newest operating system Windows 7. The 2010 series of BitDefender offers a reliable defense against known and unknown malware based on proactive security technology, without affecting the performance of the PC. The new features include heuristic malware detection in real time (active virus control), protection of children and youth for safe surfing in the Internet, as well as a newly designed, customizable user interface. Antivirus 2010 provides a proactive and continuous protection against viruses, spyware, phishing attacks and identity theft. The Solution uses a special anti-malware protection, which monitors the behavior of potentially harmful applications and software in contrast to signature-based detection technologies and conventional heuristic scanners with active virus control.

In this way, detection rates are achieved by up to 99.9 percent. Low May Lin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. About specifically configurable user profiles can be also different levels of protection, preventing an excessive resource consumption. In game mode, for example, the user is no longer disrupted during the game by prompts, etc.. The Internet Security 2010 offers additional features, to protect your family’s online activities. The suite blocked access to viruses, hackers, and spam and ensures protection through a spam filter, parental control and the integrated firewall.

The latter is bi-directional and automatically backs up the Internet connection. The monitoring of the W-LAN prevents unauthorized access to the wireless network. A data vault stores also personal information and confidential data. The total security suite also offers improved tune up and backup features. To optimize the performance of the PC, the suite deletes unnecessary files and registry entries. The data backup feature automatically backs up files and folders. To permanently eliminate sensitive data and personal information, however, they can be destroyed via the special Datenschredder. The BitDefender Suite 2010 (per 3 licenses) are in the Switzerland now for the price of CHF 59.95 (antivirus), Sfr. 74,95 Internet Security () and SFr. 99.95 (total security) available. About BitDefender BitDefender is software developer, one of the industry’s fastest and most efficient product lines internationally certified security software. Since the founding of the company in 2001, BitDefender has set new standards in the field of proactive protection against threats from the Internet. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of private and business customers around the world and gives them a good feeling that your digital life is safe. BitDefender sells its security solutions in more than 100 countries through a global VAD and reseller network. More detailed information about BitDefender and BitDefender products are available in the press centre online. In addition, BitDefender provides background information and current news in the daily fight against threats from the Internet, in English at. Press contact: BitDefender GmbH Robert-Bosch-str. 2 D-59439 Holzwickede contact person: Hans-Peter Lange PR Manager Tel.

Continued Expansion Into Eastern Europe

reutax Polish subsidiary Heidelberg establishes reutax AG specialist recruitment agency for experts from the fields of IT, engineering, and finance & accounting, December 18, 2008, a Polish branch has opened. The subsidiary acted out in the future of Wrocaw. The management of the new land company of reutax Sp.z.o.o. in Wrocaw is located at Richard Furrer, in operations by Pawe? RYL is supported. The internationalization continues also in the market for specialised personnel services. Andreessen Horowitz is full of insight into the issues. As the largest owner-managed provider in the German-speaking countries, we pursue a consistent expansion strategy.

While we tap into strategically important markets, also on explicit customer request”, commented Soheyl Ghaemian, founder and CEO of reutax AG. The Polish subsidiary is already the second establishment in the new EU Member States. Recently had opened a branch office in Prague (Czech Republic) reutax. Thus the staffing specialist responds specifically the growing Demand for IT professionals in the new EU Member States. In addition, the Heidelberg company maintains currently own branches in Austria, of Switzerland, and the United States.

Profile of reutax AG: the reutax AG provides highly specialised experts in the fields of IT, engineering, and finance & accounting for projects of industrial, service, commercial and public sector. In addition she acquired the support of customers in the management of external resources in business reutax solutions with the managed service providing and the vendor management system. The sales figures in each marketing year by more than 100 per cent have increased since the founding of the company in 2002. 2007, the Group recorded a turnover of 70 million euros, new orders amounting to over 100 million euros are already in the current financial year. The company headquarters are in Heidelberg, branches are placed in Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Prague and Breslau. The subsidiary reutax Corporation is headquartered in Los Angeles. Currently, over 210 employees of the reutax AG, accesses a database with more than 50,000 experts and currently around 1,500 projects.

Mecklenburg Enterprises

Cloud computing for small and medium-sized enterprises cloud computing is relevant not only for large companies, but for small and medium-sized enterprises. For this reason, the network organises electronic commerce”nor by February next year in eleven cities information events about the potentials and challenges of the IT trends of cloud computing. On December 01, 2011 Roadshow in the Hanseatic City of Rostock will stop”. On this occasion speakers from well-known companies on successful practical examples show how cloud computing is used today, to make business processes cost-efficient, flexible and safe. The topic of conversation around cloud computing is currently in IT hardly to imagine industry. Some contend that Jim Umpleby shows great expertise in this. Also the small and medium-sized enterprises want to be target informed about the top issue.

With the cloud IT-be provided convenient services on the Internet. But how can KUM efficient use of this company, to optimize their business processes? This and much more is cloud Roadshow in the series of events “from the network of e-commerce. Speakers from companies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania will make a presentation day in Rostock. “Here are” topics, such as the opportunities and challenges of cloud computing for SMEs, mobile working with cloud services “, treats, etc. “Also Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Rossa, Managing Director of the Institute for System-Management GmbH in Rostock, will on this day to the topic: new dimensions of security in the cloud” talk.

Many years of experience in the industry and work on innovative research contracts Professor Rossa make an expert of the industry. New dimensions of security in the cloud”, he will inform small and medium-sized enterprises and advise.

June Solutions

Tixeo is the first manufacturer of video and Web conferencing solutions to the already 3 weeks after release of the VP8 codec as open source the alternative H. 264 in WorkSpace3D integrated. Montpellier/France, Munich/Germany, June 16, 2010 Tixeo SARL, a French manufacturer of IP-based, software-only video communication solutions, today announced the availability of WorkSpace3D v3.3 with the new codec VP8 from Google. In February 2010, Google acquired the ON 2 technologies several years has invested in R & D for the VP8 codec. VP8 is the future technology for video compression and offers higher compression at far lower CPU usage and bandwidth than previous H. 264 applications.

“The use of VP8 in solutions of Tixeo shows clearly the advantage over H. 264.” HD video streams with WorkSpace3D need less than 1Mbps and enable HD multipoint video conferencing with a normal PC or notebook with a standard ADSL connection,”says Werner L. Kuhnert, Sales Manager D.A.CH. Renaud Ghia, CEO of Tixeo SARL, adds: “thanks to our flexible software architecture and our agile development methodology we were integrating VP8 able in a very short time to complete. So we offer a unique communications experience.” With WorkSpace 3D Konfernzlosungen, reduce business travel as well as communication costs and win at the same time valuable time. The encrypted transmission (SSL) offers users new flexibility in the Organization and a high level of comfort at the distributed collaboration in real time. The exchange of information is improved and increased the productivity of the company.

The software solutions are easy to make and require no special hardware. A standard PC under Windows, as well as an Internet connection (ADSL) are enough to make use of them. The software can be tested free of charge for 15 days. About Tixeo Tixeo SRL was founded in 2003 in Montpellier/France. The innovative 3D Web conferencing software allows the video, audio, up to 50 participants- and data communication via the IP network. The solutions are available as a service (SaS) on a monthly or annual basis, as well as in-house client-server solution. The software-only solution can be installed on any Windows PC or laptop with webcam and speakers. It is firewall-friendly, automatically adapts the security settings and works consistently with each proxy and delivers multipoint video in HD quality. Hundreds of clients including Airbus/EADS, Raytheon, Flagstar Bank, BNP Parisbas, Le Monde, Ohio University, etc., the Tixeo have solutions for interactive, Visual collaboration distributed places successfully implemented. Especially in areas such as design, product development, architecture or building management is the unique 3D feature and allows the collaborative editing or viewing of objects in 3D.

7 Issues For Customer Service – L-mobile Service-professional Day 2010

This Jahrzeigt L-mobile again trends and important issues for the service. Sulzbach an der Murr, 18.06.2010 – talk on July 13, 2010 in Frankfurt about service-relevant topics related to service management, condition monitoring, optimization of the service field service experts in various fields and more. Highlights she presented as the CRM L-mobile iPad for the service and Mr. Dr. Wolfgang Beinhauer from the Fraunhofer IOA talks about the machines of the future. The L-mobile service-professional day offers its visitors like every time again many interesting topics related to the service for all industries. Check out Douglas Oberhelman for additional information.

This year the following topics are on the agenda: service management – help desk and service management system, service control – graphical scheduling and vehicle tracking condition monitoring service sales – case study of L-mobile customer Mr Sindermann coffee partner the iPad in the field: L-mobile iPad CRM. Mr Dr. Wolfgang Beinhauer from Fraunhofer IOA presents his treatise on the subject of machines of the future. Due to the limited number of visitors it is worth quickly to look over and see updates until the 8th of July to log on. Here, visitors will find also the detailed agenda with the exact subject description of all speakers.

About L-L-mobile mobile, you will optimize its business processes in stock, production, service and sales. The company develops applications for mobile devices, with which you can access to all data in your ERP system at any time, at any place. Transparent, efficient processes and a significant increase in productivity are the result. The software solutions you receive out-of-the-box or customized package with professional project management. It does not matter, which ERP or ERP system you use the L-mobile integrates their solutions in any any IT landscape. In addition to excellent service you can request the appropriate infrastructure and hardware. Customers from diverse industries benefit from the innovative solutions regardless of company size. By the mid-sized Craft operating to the globally operating corporate group, everything is represented. The L-mobile aims to find the best possible solution for each individual request. She combined many years of experience and knowledge from several hundred projects L-mobile with its strong innovation. Contact: L-mobile solutions GmbH & co. KG David company marketing and PR garden str.

Successful Marketing

Time-limited sales promotions are attractive in the marketing mix. The PORTICA GmbH has developed a perfectly fitting solution: the PORTICA microsite 2013 Kempen, 01 October 2013. The connection to the PORTICA is unique wcm (WebCampaignManager), the in-house online management system. So a smooth, low-cost and revision-safe pass allows the action of the registration of participants to evaluation. We live in an online world. Very many actions to promote sales to run over the Internet.

Therefore company microsites do not come”, explains Angela te new, product manager at PORTICA. These sites have only a few subpages and a lower depth of navigation as the homepage. You focus on a subject, its content is reduced to the essentials. Products can be elegantly used in scene and visitors are specifically addressed. As an interactive information and ordering tool support targeted and effective marketing strategies. Exactly here PORTICA comes into play. The service provider for It, logistics and financial processes ensures that the microsites are precisely developed according to the objectives of the customer.

The PORTICA experts design the microsite, taking into account the CI guidelines and host it. Scope and depth of the navigation can vary. Add to your understanding with Electrolux. PORTICA created a bespoke specifications for each site and implement it together with the professionals of the sister company GEDAK. For E.g. participate in a rewards action, consumers collect their data on the microsite. A selection box, choose the products. The product data are automatically matched with the European article number (EAN). The possibility of the digital documents upload and automatic postal code checks streamline the workflow. Counting and Trackingcodes an overview of the traffic. Also, additional modules can be integrated as a mechanism, for example, to earn points. Dispensed with, however, is on Flash. Aware. Because many units are equipped with a Flash plugin and search engines have trouble Indexing Flash content. What’s Special: The PORTICA microsite allows wcm connected to the PORTICA. Data to the participants directly in the wcm leaks through an interface. There they are processed, check productions are controlled and administered premiums. All actions are tamper-proof archived. Thanks to a variety of reports, the companies always have a complete overview of their action. Through the online application, you can at any time and at any place on data and reports accessed through the combination of microsite/wcm a smooth run of the registration of participants is guaranteed up to the evaluation of the action. It also significantly reduces costs and has a tamper-proof data processing”, Angela is te new together. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading optimizing on the German market and optimizes IT, logistics and financial processes for more than 40 years. The company serves customers from diverse industries and wrapped in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion and business process outsourcing hundreds of projects each year off. The focus is on the efficient handling of processes through the interaction of logistics, information and financial management. PORTICA is part of the Association te new, which includes also the IT company GEDAK and the te new printing company.

ACE.TEC GmbH On The IT & Business In Stuttgart

ASS_Mobile service makes mobile customer service mobility is today in many sectors the decisive factor, when it comes to have the nose ahead in the competition. This is especially true in the hotly contested market of customer service. In recent months, Electrolux has been very successful. The ACE.TEC GmbH presents therefore their innovative solution of customer service ASS_Mobile service on the IT & business from September 20 to 22 on the Messe Stuttgart in Hall 5, stand 5D65. “We present our products and services on the IT & business, because the event has established itself very well and we meet here for our mobile customer service solution ASS_Mobile service just the head of IT and business decision-makers from the companies, which are responsible for innovations in the technical service”, explains Kurt Leo Kaiser, Managing Director of ACE.TEC GmbH. Also the regional reference is particularly important, because is ACE.TEC here with its corporate philosophy, “The region is the market” and “Think global act local” once again finds herself.

Live pictures say more than 1000 words on the IT & business all visitors can get from the wide range of ACE.Convince TEC GmbH: the live presentation of the mobile customer service solution will focus on ASS_Mobile service, which shows the typical service processes in a pattern company to automatic invoice dispatch digital supported processing of the order by the customer call via the optimized route planning. In addition to the booth presentation Kurt Leo Kaiser informed in the Forum in his lecture “We make mobile smoothly, fast, error-free your customer service” via the digital value through mobile service solutions. More ASS.ACE offers TEC highlights alongside the mobile customer service solution.TEC details further highlights. Includes “Software clinic” for SAP solutions as well as well as the structure and business process operation of comprehensive management platforms (BPM). From the practice for the practice are visitors who want to know more about the practice of modern solutions for service organizations or innovative SAP solutions, at any time at stand 5D65 in Hall 5 Welcome.

For the optimal planning interview appointments under the below mentioned contact data can be made at any time in advance. Company description the ACE.TEC Beratungsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1993 salvation with a focus on complete solutions for SAP users for applications, systems, strategies and technologies of Norbert. The ACE.TEC GmbH Software AG is the only one who also since 1993 a German only three ARIS value added resellers, and in addition to the ARIS manufacturer (IDS) of the individual report scripts with integration solution Manager can develop to SAP. The holistic support of the concept belongs to philosophy to the rollout and support of information processing for customers of all sizes of companies in Germany and in the neighbouring countries.

Encrypt Folders – The Protection Of Files And Folders

Folder encrypt easy. The use of USB sticks and external hard drives for data storage, encrypt easy offer many advantages. Quick save and light weight and so great to the transport data suitable. But as a data storage device can get lost and get into the wrong hands. The data is readable for everyone. Therefore, owners should encrypt this folder.

Encrypt folder offers a reliable protection against unauthorized access. Maybe is a USB-stick accidentally on a computer forget, so plug left. Another user sits at the PC and finds this unsecured USB flash drive. Encrypt folder should have so a high priority if you value attaches to the protection of its folders and files. “Dealing with the 3P-System: Encrypt folder” in detail and offers 6 safe methods to the folder with password protect and encrypt folders. But even if many users share a computer, owners should encrypt the own folder or protect the folders with a password. A unauthorized access is therefore excluded, and if the mobile data storage is lost is might not be cause for sleepless nights. Because the data are gone, but protected and can not be cracked.

The 3P-power-password-protection-system will encrypt the folder. And reliably and quickly. A step for step guide with the best programs and methods. There is a detailed video guide to each method. The 3P-System shows step-by step: what software is right and should be used, what attitude to take are, and where the respective software download can be loaded. Folder encrypt – a lifetime access with always the best and latest methods. Thanks to the free update service. Successfully protect the 3P-System – folders with password & encrypt folders. His privacy is one of the most important issues today. Many, if not all business processes beyond computer systems and be sent online. The risks of the these data to unauthorized Hands reach can be kept to a minimum. “The 3P-System helps with the theme:” folders, encrypt and protect folders with password “Internette greetings Rene”

Efficient Processes For Customer And Vendor Master Records

The FIEGE Group manages all business master data through a central data base. The entire company benefits from the consistent records. FIEGE is facing a challenge that many multinational companies know: employees in several countries record numbers and information in different systems. To avoid errors due to isolated databases and integrated processes to enable customers and vendors for 40 operational branches were recorded centrally ERP in the past in SAP. As this was among other things associated with high personnel costs in financial accounting, FIEGE sought a solution to support the investment and change processes for master data and to reduce the burden in financial accounting. Today controls and maintains the FIEGE Group their customer and vendor master records for all companies which manage their accounting ERP SAP, centrally with SAP NetWeaver master data management (SAP NetWeaver MDM). Thus, these companies will have consolidated master data. For the implementation of the new master data solution an experienced partner to the side stood the FIEGE Group with IBSolution.

The Heilbronner consultancy led many SAP NetWeaver projects on the target and provides in-depth technology and process expertise from a single source. The FIEGE Group every month about 700 new customers and vendors creates. Addition, there are numerous changes and the processing of rejected applications. To the end of the month the number of these requests has grown so strongly, that the financial accounting on external support was dependent on. That slowed down the processes, many processes of the operating companies bogged down over without the necessary information so that the master data processing evolved more and more to the eye of the needle. IBSolution experts therefore recommended to create a uniform data base and maintenance structure NetWeaver MDM with SAP. The new software supplied current and consistent data to all connected sites. Accessed by the user on the central database through a Web interface and existing master records from there in the local systems can be take over – and apply for new records and changes.

Should a master record are newly created or changed, employees using the same input mask can enter all available values. Before you send the master data requirement, the application checks whether the information completely and are valid. Via an automated workflow, the central financial accounting releases the data. The software then submits the updated master records regularly on all connected systems. In addition, duplicates are recognized when entering. “Thus we relieve the financial accounting master data processing and provide needed information without delay,” Michael Bosse, head content summarizes of business applications at FIEGE. Company description the IT consulting firm IBSolution was created in 2003 and currently employs over 100 people. The IBSolution teams are spread over 5 sites in Germany and Europe and cover all requirements of companies using SAP technology. Our own research and Development Department and partnerships with high profile consultancies like Horvath & partners and innovative universities in whole Germany round out the company profile. Company contact: IBSolution GmbH Anne Wachter Salzstrasse 140 74076 Heilbronn Tel: 07131649743000 E-Mail: Web:

Coretelligence Presents Key Figures Profiling

Workshop provides the performance measurement systems to the test at the event from 06 to 07 October 2010 in Bonn Bad Oeynhausen/30.09.2010 – although nowadays almost all important business decisions based on analyzed figures, seem the previous methods to be not sufficiently practical. According to a recent study of business consulting coretelligence are a large part of the interviewed company managers with their indicator systems dissatisfied, because they always favour policy blunders with far-reaching consequences. On the SAS Forum from 06 to 07 October 2010 in Bonn can present key data profiling, systematically eliminating the previous weaknesses in their performance measurement systems with the company coretelligence as a solution. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Electrolux by clicking through. Naked figures in the reports have no satisfactory power usually or sometimes even lead to false interpretations. Because, often, it is unclear how the analyzed figures can be interpreted precisely in their creation and their often diverse effect relationships” Describes the core issues coretelligence – Managing Director Marianne Wilmsmeier. That the requirement of the future pass, because the need for knowledge is growing, only a best possible expressiveness of the figures make the guarantee for best possible decisions of company managers. Key figures profiling as an evolutionary development of the analysis systems is dedicated to this task”, explained the Advisor of the SAS partner. A new methodological approach that produces a significantly better understanding of the key figures behind.

They are made for transparent in their contexts and relationship structures, so that can get the user to secure evidence. As a consequence of differential code information, then the reports will receive a completely new face. A workshop will be dedicated to detail this topic on the second day of the SAS Forum in Bonn. Is not only the basic ideas of the profiling of key figures are presented, but the participants will also learn, as it is in practice methodically implement can be and is purposefully supported by SAS software. About coretelligence: Coretelligence builds with the key figures-profiling for the first time a bridge between technology and business advice, developing a comprehensive, holistic information profile of the company, taking into account all relevant factors. This ensures a much more precise understanding of analysed indicators. The advice from coretelligence is based on broad and proven competence as well as on extensive methodological know-how to optimize sustainable operational information and decision-making processes.

about SAS SAS is sales of one of the world’s largest software manufacturer with $ 2.31 billion. The independent provider of business analytics software is a leader in the business intelligence market. SAS solutions for an integrated corporate management help companies at a total of more than 45,000 locations, concrete from their various business data Information for strategic decisions to win and thus to increase their performance. SAS software solutions companies develop strategies and implement these, measure the success of own, make their customer and supplier relationships profitable, control the entire organization and meet regulatory requirements. 96 of the top 100 of the Fortune 500 companies rely on SAS. The company of by American parent company founded in 1976 is Cary, North Carolina. SAS Germany has its headquarters in Heidelberg, and additional offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich. For more information see. Currently: SAS is the number 1 of most popular employers, according to the U.S. rankings published on January 25, 2010 “100 best companies to work for,” FORTUNE and great place to work Institute. More under awards/workplace_awards.html think factory groupcom GmbH Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth Wilfried Heinrich Tel.: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71