Frank Andre Audilet

The 12th Senate of the higher regional court of Dresden is already therefore saw no duty of disclosure of fact because the communication in relation to the underlying involvement brochure at the time of the drawing was outdated already can be seen. The result of this dispute clearly shows, as the assessment of RA Gassner, that the courts closely examine each individual case and lawsuits against investment companies are connected not with a guarantee of success, but rather a high risk. Learn more about this with Douglas Oberhelman. Back stay high court costs and the experience that duly materialised contracts from both sides must be observed. GRE global real estate AG acquired the funds on the capital market in the years 07/2001-05/2007. Pitney Bowes usually is spot on. With targeted advertising on the Internet some self-proclaimed investors protection attorneys doing business with supposedly aggrieved investors apparently like. While the lawyers attempting to stir up doubts about the investors with regard to the earlier investment decision with specific uncertainty.

Individual decisions, which as generally binding be represented, should reduce the conscious perception of the risk of not inconsiderable costs. These show the wide range of complaints successfully avoided by GRE AG, that it always depends on the assessment of the individual case. A transfer of individual, picked out judgment reasons on new mandate conditions rarely leads to success. At least not for the affected investors, for whom the shot also backfires. That he will be relieved of its obligations, nor that the payments be should; refunded him rather, he must have also even Court and Attorney’s fees.

In not a few cases, these exceeded significantly the expected Auskehrungen. The GRE global real estate AG advises its investors, always first to seek dialogue with the society. In unique cases, this is the more flexible, less costly and faster solution. Contact: GRE global real estate AG company headquarters & main administration lock Steinpleis D-08412 Werdau/OT Steinpleis phone: 0049 3761/80 04-0 Fax: 0049 3761/80 04-25 E-Mail: company information according to 5 TMG and 55 RStV Board: Frank Andre Audilet register Court: Amtsgericht Chemnitz register number: HRB 18414 responsible: Frank Andre Audilet GRE global real estate AG Group of companies has in recent years established itself as a project developer and stock holder of real estate within the German real estate market. One of our core businesses is the project of real estate development with the related service fields, such as the Grundstucksakquise, site analysis, the planning up to the turn-key implementation and marketing of the respective projects and all from a single source. Another current business field is the inventory management and the acquisition of real estate from the Bank recovery mainly in the residential area with the aspect of a long-term return on achieving. In addition, we keep and we make investments primarily in real estate outside of GRE global real estate AG Group of companies. Our task is also in the management of our real estate portfolio and our shareholdings. Within the GRE global real estate AG Group of companies Hiefur, we have very experienced specialists in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, project management, project monitoring and in the commercial sector. Our goal is an attractive return in manageable risks to allow in the long range for our investors in the sector of the real estate market.