Trouble To Cashless Payment At Germanwings

BGH judges repeatedly advised against excessive cancellation fee low cost airlines due to excessive fees in the headlines. Get more background information with materials from bobby bland. Most recently, Germanwings with cancellation fees drew for unredeemed direct debits on their. The flight Portal reported about the case. Chris Shumway spoke with conviction. Many customers pay the tickets for the flight on a vacation or business trip without cash with debit or credit card. At Germanwings they risked, to get charged a fee of 50 euros, if the direct debit could not be debited from the account to. However, the consumer advice centre North Rhine-Westphalia in the Federal Supreme Court complained. This said, compensation could the airline “demand only for the cost of return debit note itself”.

Germanwings’ approach was therefore unlawful, since the fee of 50 euro in relation to the actual cost would be the reverse. However, changes for the customers probably nothing. Finally, the judge interpreted the airline, confirmed that the “polluter pays” for the Costs incurred for debits must arise. According to a spokesman of the low-cost airline the airline have now passed a service company handling the burst direct debits. The cost would have to continue to bear customers because they would not be in contradiction to the Karlsruhe judgment.