Green Roofs

Modern green roof system should contain the following layers (from top to bottom): * plant, often specially selected for special applications; * engineered plant environment (substrate), which in general may not contain soil * landscape or filter cloth, which contains the roots of plants and plant environment and at the same time permeable; * special drainage layer, sometimes with built-in water tank * rigid insulation xps (Primaplex); * traditional roof design with roofing / waterproofing membrane with included protivokornevymi dobavkami. two main types of green roof systems: extensive and intensive. They differ mainly the cost, the thickness of plant protection and selection of used plants. Extensive green roofs (often unexploited) are characterized by: * light weight * Low capital investment * used a small variety of plants, * the minimum requirements for .Rastitelny substrate, usually made from a mixture of sand, gravel, broken bricks, expanded clay, peat, organic matter and a certain amount of soil. Substrate thickness varies from 5 to 15 cm, its weight in saturated with moisture status ranging from 70 to 170 kg/m2. Due to the small depth of the substrate and extreme climate on the roof, which resembles the desert plants for green roofs should be low and hardy. Usually this alpine and native plants, or plants from arid regions. Usually, the plants watered and fertilize only as long as they do not accept, ie within one year. After this period, measures to support the green roof include only two visits a year for weeding and checking the roof membrane.


Path To The Beautiful House

Stone anciently endowed mystical powers, he was considered a symbol of reliability, confidence, peace of mind. Stone built temples and palaces, in itself, it has been and remains the epitome of wealth. In this article we will try to consider artificial stone in all its diversity. On the facades of artificial stone looks great, just highlighting the building of a number of others, it gets its "face", his story. Selecting the facade of the artificial stone, you do not just make your home an individual. Artificial stone has low thermal conductivity and high sound insulation.

Consequently, the artificial stone – not just long-term investment, but also a factor allows you to save during its operation! Artificial stone is very environmentally friendly. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Douglas R. Oberhelman. Its safe to use and for outside, and for interior decoration. Undeniable advantages of artificial stone – acceptable value; unique ease of installation, a wide choice of textures and inexhaustible palette of colors. Artificial stone is unique, it fits perfectly into any interior or exterior. Decision to transform the building, using artificial stone – an interesting move, an attempt to express his "I" language of architecture.

Organically looks artificial stone in the creation of the landscape. Are lined with sidewalks, a summer kitchen area equipped with barbecue, a mysterious arbor and a veritable fountain. Even such a prosaic thing as a fence will be the original due to artificial stone. With the artificial stone is very easy to make adjustments to an already created the interior – it can be to mount even after finishing. To choose the right artificial stone in texture and color can transform any room. Artificial stone – material grateful. Operates on him as well as and the natural – creates a unique landscape and completely natural look. Artificial stone is not afraid of the heat and rain, long-lasting. Artificial stone provides endless opportunities for any ideas, but the results in each case – perfect.


Sandwich Panels

Installation of sandwich panels is quite simple, but how wisely it is held, depends largely on the strength of the entire pre-fabricated construction. Therefore, in the papers a lot of attention should be paid not only as sandwich panels, but also the equipment, tools and fixing materials. And, of course, the installation should be done only by professionals having in this business a great experience. Sandwich panels used for wall cladding and roofing, and in each When working on their anchorages have their own characteristics. Installation of Wall panels Mounting Wall panels made in both horizontal and vertical version. Horizontal mounting sandwich panel process begins with the fact that established ground battens and additional elements.

If you need to run an extra layer of foam or mineral wool, and then the first row of panels fastened groove down. The accuracy of the location of panels shall be verified on a pre-marked control risks. Self-fixing by means of special screws for the sandwich panels – their number is indicated in project documentation. The next panel is mounted on the previous one, down a groove, and secured the same way. Vertical joints are sealed with mineral wool insulation, or foam, and then processed with special battens. In accordance with design solutions assembling nodes installed ugolovye and other additional elements. For fixing battens used self-tapping screws with round head Phillips slot. Vertical mounting of panels Installing panels in a vertical mount starts from the corner of the building from the basement.


Profile Machine

Learn how to do aluminum frames using Turkish profile and components. This information will allow you or open their own business or yourself for yourself to make aluminum frame. Be the first in your area and you will advantages over drugimi.Ved world is so big This technology is suitable for most aluminum profiles of different manufacturers. To make the frame you need a certain place because aluminum profile sold as a length of 6 meters. For the production of aluminum frames need 3 machines, but you can do one and if you do for yourself and do hacksaw also need a drill with an attachment for samorezov.Pod shop for Production frames will suit any room in the long than 8 matrix, a minimum width of 2.3-3 metra.Naprimer this workshop is situated in the courtyard of a private house under a canopy. To the left of the photo mounted on a wall shelf which lies Profile which will be cut to the size we needed for our frames.

We see three main types of profile needed for production. First on the right prof. in section like the letter r is used for the manufacture of boxes for the window. The second like the letter T is used for the manufacture of sash windows which is what we discovered. The third is similar to the letter z, applied to the organization jumpers or perekladin.1 cutting machine, 2 handles the end of profile 3 copiers milling (making holes for the sheds, pens, lock the door if you do not frame, and generally a very remarkable machine it can be adapted to produce different things as it is copying) .1 machine as the primary on it We saw your profile (at low volumes replace a hacksaw).

everything that makes 2 machine is quite possible to do on the 1st and 2nd only to do it faster and easier (for small volumes of replacing a hacksaw). what is on the machine can 3em done with a drill. Will collect a frame diagram of which can be seen in the figure. triangles indicated opening shutter. Take the profile resembling the letter T, the machine 1Om cut off at 45 degrees, measures the desired width of the frame and cut off well below 45 degrees. 1y received part of a future box frame. Likewise, chop the remaining 3 required. Consider the trace.


Moscow Benefits

The manufacturer's name: – Ability to sell large volumes of concrete by attracting new customers – Ability to "clean" sector smaller clients due to the centralization of supply. – Closer contact with customers within the transport accessibility of the enterprise, therefore, part of the system get a decent economic benefits, and many suppliers have the opportunity to not only stay afloat in the difficult conditions of economic crisis, but also to make a profit. Also bidding system allows you to not only specify a price list, but also opens the eyes of producers and clients on non-obvious circumstances – for example, in Voskresensk for much more affordable price offers concrete Moscow, even if the place has its own plant to produce cement. As you can see, tendering system will be necessary not only for evaluating the proposals by the customer but also for analysts from the standpoint of manufacturers, for which the production and sale of concrete bulk head type of activity. At the moment tendering system brings maximum benefits komplektatsionnym firms operating in the market.

When a large flow of customers at the forefront efficiency of selecting the best offer and service level, and in addition financial bargains – the cost of the concrete itself directly. Response to the above circumstances, the system offers, and, given the absence of cheating outlets, with the aim, it does a great providing an opportunity to buy a concrete price is considerably more profitable than the average. Very tangible benefits to the system gives the owners and investors who wish to know the real picture of the market. Beneficial use of the system and for Market Research from non-resident producers who are planning to start production or delivery of concrete Moscow. The system is available to everyone involved: the customers and manufacturers.