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Do not be afraid of questions. Sometimes the answers are playing a greater role than direct presentation itself. In concluding his presentation, once again list the main points of your speech in the form of abstracts. Remember that most people are good at remembering what was said at last. So, just his fingers, once again make an emphasis on the most important points in your speech. Under most conditions Ben Horowitz would agree. You can short list benefits of your product, what problems it can solve, acting at the moment in your company or campaign discounts, and the terms of the transaction. Stirlitz knew that the best way to remember the last of what has been said. So ending this article, let us once again list the most important points: 1.

Start your job even before they began the presentation itself. Create the right atmosphere, looking for allies. 2. Take the most advantageous position, so all you have seen and heard. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ben Horowitz. 3. Do not teach by rote text collection. 4.

If you ask, the answer to it if it takes a few seconds. If you want to give a detailed answer, then better to say that you are happy to answer this question immediately after his speech. 5. After graduating from the act, do not wait until the people themselves begin to ask you questions. Please refer to those who tried something to ask you to during your presentation. Remind the person that he had a question, or better yet even recall exactly what was the matter. 6. At the end of his presentation are the most important moments. Remember that the best remembered the last of what you expressed. And the most important advice. Be sincere in your desire to help people. If you have every time in the sales process will be light in each eye on the dollar, that means you're unlikely to sales Whether will advance. Source: Sell beautifully – the site of the methods and techniques of sales

Global Issues

Hunger, ozone depletion, the greenhouse effect – articles on important global issues today are full of all the newspapers. As if by agreement, the media scare us vying gloomy forecasts for the future, the benefit that the vendors of such materials lack is not experienced. World famous British scientist James Lovelock, for example, believes that irrational human activities destroying the nature and leads to irreversible consequences. Very soon, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would be too much to upset the balance of the Earth and will inevitably come to an end. Lovelock argues that this will happen in 32 years, and yet we are expected to famine, drought and rain, which in turn will lead to mass migration.

So, in countries such as Canada and the UK very soon there will be tent cities for refugees. In any newspaper you can read about that on a planetary catastrophe we are only a few steps. Learn more at this site: Jim Umpleby. And if we do not stop, then very soon the most pessimistic predictions may be our inevitable reality. And that is why we urgently need – then usually followed by a long list of measures designed to somehow slow down our descent into disaster. Our situation really requires attention, but the decision today is sweeping the problems we are looking for is not there. In contradiction to nature, say the Kabbalists, we are entering not at the level our business operations and in its internal state, when we consider the current situation of the normal division and hatred. Our selfishness has grown to such proportions today that successfully extinguishes any attempts of individuals to point to him as the greatest challenge humanity. And this problem is really serious.

We are so distant from each other, which violated even natural family ties. Curious can consider going to court Iranian women demanding the greedy husband 124 000 roses. (The court, by the way, this claim.) But it is not funny when you read that according to research by UNICEF, the victims of domestic violence are 275 million children of the world. In the UK there is a new phenomenon – pedofobiya, fear of their children. Misunderstanding, unwillingness to consider others complicate our lives to a much greater extent than the problems caused by industrial activities. Today we see it all clearly. Moving the progress that selfishness is not only not brought us the expected benefits but caused real damage. And more and more clearly shows the need to overcome tearing us selfish contradictions. However, to overcome fragmentation and integration at the level of the same self-interest will not help us. Universal equality and fraternity – this stage we have, fortunately, has already passed. Adjusting catastrophe, nature requires that we review today attitude to their selfishness, the awareness of the need to exit from its scope. This alone would be enough to begin to change our reality for the better. This will be the first step to achieve this balance with nature, and only then we will cease to feel the impact of her oppressive. The essence of nature, as they say the Kabbalists – and opposed to selfishness because even a simple attempt to change it fits into the overall direction of motion, moving us closer to the true harmony with nature. Then we will cease to feel bad in this world. Blows that rained on us today from all sides, just stop. In all levels. And the end of the world will turn into a state full of light.

Fan Distributor Fan Systems Companies

August 10, 2016 opened its doors to a new one, the twelfth, copy center FAN ( One major advantage of the network copy centers FAN is a good location. The new center is located on the street Abelmanovskaya, 5, provided that not more than 300 meters from the Metro proletarian and peasant outpost. Summer – a time not only for leisure but also for the successful implementation of strategic plans: the first dozen copiers centers is only the beginning of the progressive realization of this strategy. To date, 12 copy centers – the largest network not only in Moscow but in Russia. A lot of it for a metropolis like Moscow? Probably not.

Digital printing is increasingly conquers space with traditional printing methods in the world, because this is the best way to print meets the modern requirements for printing Product: small print runs, high speed order fulfillment, fast changing data, variable data printing, print on demand, etc. Are there many companies that can provide order fulfillment, quality and on time? Copying centers FAN offer full-service digital printing operations, the current fleet of equipment provides a continuous workflow, efficiency, distribution, and, if necessary, continuity of orders. For regular corporate customers an additional advantage – integrated printing support, including design and layout of advertising and business materials.

Copying centers FAN – the largest network of centers in Moscow online printing. Today is the 12 centers located in various parts of Moscow, in the business of life, always close to their customers. Group of companies FAN has been successfully operating on market since 1991 and included in the rating of the largest companies and 800 top 50 IT-companies in Russia. Group consists of: Fan Distributor Fan Systems, network copy centers, FAN, Technical Fan Center. Annual turnover of the Group companies FAN is more than $ 133 million.

Gifts For Different Occasions

Let others what you would get for yourself – it's the basic rule of any gift purchase. Human life is made up of masses of contacts. The exchange of gifts – this is one of the earliest contacts between people. Naturally, that in its early contact exchange was rather primitive, and therefore did not create any unnecessary problems and "headaches". But life is changing and with it, and change the rules of communication in society, and changes occur, usually in the direction of sophistication. Now a gift – it is a subject that can express your appreciation, gratitude, respect, or more "deep" feelings. Traditionally accepted to give gifts to various anniversaries, March 8, Feb. 23, a professional holiday, wedding day, etc.

In the business environment presents exchanged between co-workers, colleagues, business partners, etc. It is clear that each of the these cases requires a different style of gifts. For example, if the birthday of my husband gave his wife a luxury range of lingerie, it will be seen as a desire to "extend" a romantic evening for the whole night, but if this present for a colleague, it is likely she would be offended and take it as a hint at a more intimate relationship. Today, choosing a gift, everyone is trying to find a shop that some such things, the original. In this If more are helper online gift shop, where you can find a suitable option for all occasions. In view of the fact that the gift – is a thing that is for a specific person, going to purchase a gift in the first place, pay attention to the recipient sex, age, interests and hobbies.

Window Bays

Proven for centuries, such as bay windows give the rooms were used for additional space and light, yet with the Victorian era. What kind of windows and they have the look? Typically, these windows are composed of a central part which can not be opened and lateral halves. In order to use conventional ventilation side windows that open for ventilation. If you are not convinced, visit Electrolux. Classic bay windows are typically used to make the design of your home singular style and unique look. Design features such as windows bayne allow them to be easily movable, but most other large windows can be converted into a window bay. Highly improve the appearance of buildings and adding lighting facilities, this type of window is best suited to window openings that are not less than 120 cm in width, but such products can be "tailored" for specific conditions. The size, style and functionality windows may change and vary in order to give your home a memorable style. Bay windows create additional space – the niches inside rooms, which can be used for any purpose – from places to rack up the cozy over the rest by the window reading his favorite books and magazines.

The above windows are designed to break the stereotype. And they do an excellent job with this task, diluting the colorful walls of the same type of plane with the traditional side windows. A similar window style allows homeowners to exercise extreme imagination, trying to distinguish your home, among others, creating for himself and his household, the special atmosphere of comfort. Today's market allows customers to feel comfortable and confident when choosing the right material and style of the window. In turn, the owners of the warmth of the window baydaryat design raduyuschuyu eye and sunlight, with whom they have long, strong friendship. Summing up the pluses bay structures, we note that: – these windows are often large in size, and passed into the room a lot of sunlight – through such window constructions creates extra space which can be used by fantasy master bedroom – window bayuluchshayut appearance of rooms from the inside and the appearance of buildings at the same time even if you do not own a home of its own and has no immediate plans installation of window designs, we saw where a window bay, probably zalyubuetes and enjoy these masterpieces of art of building.

Non-standard Exhibition Stands

Mobile exhibition stands – it's your one-stop assistant during various promotional events. The main advantage of mobile structures are: Exhibition design and construction – is that inspires us. Awards from the organizers, thank customers – a worthy objective, and evaluation of our work. The number of completed projects can hardly be counted. But we do know: each booth, constructed by our company – is an individual, exclusive work. This work is finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics, between individuality and recognizable among fashion trends and good tradition.

This is what we love. This design and construction of exhibition stands. Stoimost.Kak typically design-project of exhibition stand for free after we prepare a detailed requirements specification and clarify all ambiguities. The cost of the actual construction of the stand is made up of several components. Easy assembly Easy transport and storage Always ready for any event Modularity (The ability to quickly change the configuration of the stand, building up or removing the unit cell) Savings in exhibition events at the expense of repeated use Can be used as the entire exhibition exposure to the complex and its individual components Ability to attract attention through the use of bright fotopoloten Mobile stands Pop-Up Using a mobile exhibition stands Pop-Up, or 'umbrella' stands allows you to maximize attract attention at the expense of a custom surround the appearance of design is the ideal tool for working on the exhibition. Properly developed design images will help create a positive image-representation of your company's mobile tablet stands Fold-Up If you need to focus on different areas of your company or provide information on leading headings, then the best option is to use a mobile stand Fold-Up, which is a collapsible frame construction Tablet (shirmovogo) Small mobile displays such as small mobile stands, or stands of 'economy class' – the most popular type of mobile stands. Attractive appearance, small size, light weight, ease of assembly and easy transportation make this construction of the universal, it can serve as an additional element of the exposition (booth), and an independent advertising information carrier, which has been successfully used in trading rooms, offices, outreach activities during the PR-campaigns, and presentations. Racks, promotional counter, counter-reception Promostoyka – mobile design that is used in advertising campaigns, promotions and presentations.

Rack-reception – this is fast-table, front part of which is designed to accommodate advertising. Truss designer Joker during design and construction of exclusive exhibition stands with great success constructor-based systems JOKER (modular designer). The basis of design are single metal chrome-plated tubes, the combination of several pipes forming module. Our company is ready to promptly and accurately to fulfill your order of any complexity, as well as provide a complete set of documents for the production of construction work. You will always be able to advise on the design of design, manufacture, installation exhibition structures, related materials and equipment rental and construction of the stands your personal manager Natalie (8-926-316-92-33)