Just posesionada minister of Education, Maria Fernanda Field, it has announced that the improvement of the quality will be the priority of its management. According to the opinion of the new Minister, after the substantial increases in cover, the construction of infrastructure and other changes that her predecessor did, Cecilia Maria Vlez White, now the great challenge is the subject of the quality. The new Minister of Education is an engineer industrialist of the University of the $andes, that comes from the deprived sector, the presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, and its professional trajectory does not present/display a direct entailment with the educative system, which has generated a little skepticism in the sector. In declarations to veteran journalist Yamid Amat, in their traditional dominical interview published in the newspaper the Time of Bogota, the new Minister recognizes what for a long time it comes discussing between experts and tie people to the sector: the serious problems of quality that present/display the students of primary and baccalaureate in aspects like basic competitions like the reading understanding, the mathematics and sciences, areas among others evaluated. Continue to learn more with: Kevin Johnson. " The seventy percent of our students does not reach the minimum performances required and esperados" , the civil servant recognizes. And indeed, in the accepted international comparisons more between seventy countries, Colombia is in position sixty and five. From which the continuous and systematic improvement of those indicators of quality must be a national intention. That task of improving the quality is due to develop in all the levels of formation, beginning by the first childhood, doing emphasis in the basic education, but also and – essentially in the education superior, that is where they come to reflect all those accumulated deficiencies throughout the formation process. In that sense, the Minister Field announces who will be realised a national summit and will be a Conpes document, that will be the departure points in this new stage to work in improving the quality of the education in the country.