Peter Maffay

“Tender tyrant” his current album can however as his so far most personal album will be understood and convinces with melodies that have it all, what makes a good hit: go in the ear, tempt to dance and dreams, and are produced with attention to musical detail. The Authenticity is last but not least the fact, that the music like the text was penned by Uwe Busse himself. The mid-tempo title song “Tender tyrant” can be viewed at the abundance to hit guarantor as one of the highlights of the album: in his melodic, catchy, smart in the text design and original in the instrumentation we rely on hit! While this song theme takes the large box of the relationship in the focus, “Small hunger” is a cheerful song in turn, makes the easy good humor and caution – actually stimulates the flow of saliva in the mouth and other senses! The highlight of the ballads of “Tender tyrant” is without question the title “I have a life”. Uwe busses could win for his beautiful Duet the singer Alexis as a Duet partner. Alexis played the lead female role in the musical “Tabaluga” by Peter Maffay and was immediately impressed by the first second of the romantic love song that takes one into the world of the musical ballads. Who knows Uwe busses also private well, the White plays a special role for him and his wife Katharina, Africa: you love nature, the people, the fragrance, the colors just the life feeling that radiates from Africa.

The love for the country has accumulated across more and more over time through many travels throughout the continent. “For the album ‘Tender tyrant’ a very special song should be taken up on the basis of which, which illustrates our love for this country”, explains Uwe busses the emergence to the song “Dancing with the wind”. With African choral singing and a beautiful arrangement with African instrumentation, Uwe busses sings the romantic experiences in Africa. There’s not much imagination and one feels transported into quickly in beautiful romantic scenarios: Red sunlight on the horizon and a passing elephant herd. a romantic image based on the classic movie “Out of Africa” with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. And even if you don’t know this movie the song is in any case an absolute highlight in the career of the sympathetic Artist. Eleven other songs, including ballads, round off the album into a single whole. Uwe busses is once again setting new standards that, because after 28 highly successful years in the pop business, he creates it still itself to grow beyond! Say firmly: we take your hat off the tender tyrant who surprised back on the new! Source: Universal music more information about the artist find cooking on his homepage Uwe busses the album “Tender tyrant” (No. CD) is available in June 2009. Contact: Press: TV: and radio:

“Michael Jackson Was Black, Crazy, Sick, Perverted ?

The black community in North American heaps praises on Michael Jackson, claiming that he is their offspring. He was one of ours! shouted shepherds, actors and musicians. Was Jackson someone who identified with their black brothers? For the experiments he did with his skin and surgeries on his face, gives to doubt. When the papers are signed by their dermatologists and physicians, have no validity, or no longer be concerned about the consequences of his revelations and draw the rags in the sun, we will know the truth about the color change of the controversial Michael Jackson King of Pop was eccentric, declined to be black, and depending on the version of specialists, underwent a bleaching process becoming inject material, which transformed not Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, as he intended, but Snow White. By the same author: Howard Schultz. Not only did he want to be white, but he rented a blonde’s belly to hold the sperm, presumably from their dermatologist Arnold Klein, that their children are also the same dye. However, publicly vowed Jackson preserved cells in vitro cloned their children were theirs. Done refuted by DNA tests.

The eggs were not claiming to be the biological mother, Debbie Rowe, who now claims ownership of the children because he believes he found a thriving business postmortem ex-husband. The breeder left the baby in the hands of Michael, as agreed, and not seen again. The fragile and delicate Jackson said he loved the big and clumsy English. For Afro-America, Michael Jackson was black because it was successful.