Sergei Panchenko

Something is pushing to find new sources of revenue – costs continue to rise, and their optimization and the reduction does not provide economic benefits? – Then go to the search for additional sources of earning money – honest way. In any classical questions: Where, How, How. What to do: find another job? or start your own business? Start your search. In the first and second case needs a resource – time and money in the second and experience. K Unfortunately, for most people, including me, this is – deficit.

If you have such a deficit, then you can not invest 15 minutes of your time to learn how you can solve the problem of time and money without changing existing source of income, and changing only two habits and use the Internet. Once, I stood before the question of what to do to increase your income while leaving work and careers. You can find out directly Now: How I made my choice, and if you fit this "recipe" to apply it to themselves and obtain a free rate of three videosktinkastov directly to your e-mail to learn boleshe. I took three steps that helped me figure out strong, hidden, business abilities: 1. step What I can do best without retraining and retraining. In what is already an expert and specialist. I guess maybe in the process, to improve, still need brush up a familiar theme, but it's better, cheaper, efficient and faster than learning from scratch a new profession.