Dating Site

Although not excluded by the fact that everything will work much earlier and much better – it depends on the specific people who came to advertising. So, proceed. The first thing is to have an electronic purse. It is desirable, even two purses – webmoney and Yandex-money. Webmoney use to withdraw money (and pay Mobile), Yandex-money – to replenish the balance runner.

You can do just for the sake of simplicity webmoney. Go to the site of the system, register the Mini-purse (attached to your e-mail) and replenish it with any street terminal in the sum of 240 rubles. We assume that the terminals charge a commission for the translation – not just put krohoborstvuem and 250 (just 240 coppers come to count). Go to the site domain name registrar multidomain (and can be somewhere else, but I use this – cheap). We fill the balance of the purse WebMoney for 93 rubles and register the domain name in the zone. Ru. Unpleasant moment – after a while need to send the registrar scan passports, to attend to receive this better to scan. It's not as dreary as it sounds, but if it is absolutely intolerable mess with Scan-sending, you can buy a domain name in the international zone -.

Com,. Org or. Net, but it is more expensive, about 350 rubles a year against 93 for. Ru . So far put a check on the item "Use DNS registrar" (which, roughly speaking, the hosting of the domain name). Go to the site affiliate program dating Maylav. Registering your domain name as the partner site, return to Multi-domain and change the DNS (domain name in the settings) to those who are written in Maylav. We are waiting for three hours (and better day – for sure), then the site's address is typed into the browser and see a template dating site. Hooray! Earned! If you do not cheer and did not work, then either a little time has passed (usually a matter of hours, but reaches up to three days, though very rarely), or somewhere we do not have written that bukovku. Register in a few affiliate programs (whose advertising will hang on our dating site), take their code back to Maylav, edit the template with (insert the codes into the right and left panels), and store lay out a new release site. Go to the site Begun, checking in, Create a new ad campaign and write about this announcement: "The Dating Site. Free of charge, to all cities "(experiment, but follow the rules of grammar and not bogged down advertising enthusiasm). Trying to drive as the address of the website address of our online dating site and choose only as a source of "Bots" (the first paragraph). We select keywords, or write yourself a couple of words such as "dating." Disable avtotorgi, put a single price for all words in a ruble and replenish the account for 140 rubles via WebMoney. All – whirling machine!