Today, children and young people are constantly tempted by a new form of entertainment very different from the past. Because no more playing in the streets, in the squares, with marbles, elastic, simulate adventures, etc. No, all of these games, so common until a few decades ago, are being displaced by video games. The criticism comes, of course, of adults. Accustomed to an era in which could spend the whole day playing ball, they see this progress with fear and sadness. They blame the game’s poor school performance, decreased vision, cause poor social relationship, isolation, etc. Well, we could say that it is true. Many kids spend hours and hours in front of screens, alone, talking to friends or known.

Do not learn tasks that may be useful. They overlook the study because of the time they spend them. They enjoy massacring people, while more cruel more fun. They pretend to be mafiosi, terrorists. Looking for games with blood, and if it can be more possible real the better effect. Seems to be all negative, but there is another facet that my judge balances with negative that is attributed to him. Video games are the first form of entertainment that allows us to be part of worlds dreamed, unimaginable.

Living situations that can occur in reality but we never know we will live. They are a portal to another reality, in which we can be who we want. They feed our imagination, and vice versa. They can even be used to learn values, enough to see games based in the middle ages, and they highlight aspects as loyalty or honor. And that does not necessarily imply an insulation, or behavior violent. If we take video games as what they are, video games, we can achieve a balance in which we fill of bliss for the things we make, of which feel us part, and at the same time us not draw of reality. Video games are, then, the best form of entertainment that has emerged, is the first that transports us, truly, to another world. A world in which nothing is impossible.


Argentine Government

The tail wind that has benefited the Argentina since the crisis erupted back in late 2001, seems that it has come to an end. As well as the more than favourable international context has been a key factor in the recovery and growth of the Argentine economy, today converted into the same destabilizing element. But is it really the international context the determining factor of what can happen to the Argentines? Probably, the main problem of Argentina is the fragility of an economy that easily becomes dependent on factors which are not his domain and he doesn’t know to take advantage of good times to strengthen its economy. To the Argentina you can compare with those young people who think that youth lasts a lifetime and that is why they are not prepared for the next cycle of their lives is therefore that, Argentina during the past years did not do the homework and now is when their economy will undergo a real test. With the worsening of the crisis subprime is hitting financial markets, investors internationals are disarming their risky positions. Logically and how it could be otherwise, one of the first countries in the list of risky investments is the Argentina. And that flight from the Argentine Government securities is reflected in the evolution of his quote that shows a country risk that has passed the barrier of the 900 basis points and moves decisively to overcome the four digits. The site Argentine La Nacion, referred in a footnote to this issue, saying that the reaction of the market shows that the global panic power preventions that investors are showing about the evolution and perspectives of the Argentine economy. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ben Horowitz offers on the topic.. The capitals in Argentine assets have become very sensitive to any negative news. In his attempt to return to the markets, the Argentina has ahead to close the cancellation of the debt with the Paris Club.

Central Office

Today day we must run faster to stay in the same place.Kotler summary each time more, emphasizes the dynamics of marketing activities, due to the great competitiveness that occurs in the differents economic scenarios, where the companies involved presented their products, offer their services, seeking always to meet the needs of consumers, interpreting his demand, in such form, which define clearly what should be the functions of markets that ensure with their plans, strategies, actions, the conquest of these and the permanence of the companies in them, once you have done it. This without a doubt, has given way to that has increased the information required to have data, necessary allowing to define plans actions, entailing to give way to a good information system that assist you in pro of the objectives that have been defined in this respect. Hence, the importance of delving into what represents the system of information of markets today and its scope. Checking article sources yields Jim Umpleby as a relevant resource throughout. Key words Research, consumers, functions, goals basic considerations in the field of marketing have been developed and perfected multiple tools for the management of information, hence, arises where the concept of the marketing information system (SIM) that is not more than: the structure to gather and manage information from sources internal and external to an organization. He which supplies a continuous flow of information on prices, advertising expenses, sales, competition, behavior of consumer, market trends, costs, distribution, etc. When speaking of internal sources are: contacts with customers, accounting records, other financial and operating data. Starbucks has much to offer in this field. In the case of external sources: the Government (census of the Central Office of statistics and Informatics), studies of trade associations, trade magazines, and data reports provided by external companies in data collection. In the Venezuelan case, which concerns us is to Data Analysis, also to data. The latter, apart from specific studies specially developed for customers, publishes every year, a book with General statistical data of the country, as well as projections from various economic areas called economic index.


Raul Guerra Garrido

Whenever I write about Leon in these pages, I just by messing. I don’t know how, but the mess. The same thing happens to me in Catalonia when I play the theme of language or in Valencia when speaking of Francisco Camps: there are always people that feel like a shot what I say and that makes me fall from a donkey. Maybe it is because that there are topics that are taboo on certain areas or, simply, to which one behaves like a horse: i.e., noble and gross at the same time. The truth is that, when four years ago I criticized a secessionist motion of the municipality of Leon, I called everything less handsome in a sedicentemente old libel, or, which by definition was already exclusive, sectarian and a tad xenophobic, say it already.

They will recognize that have noses that eagerness to feel different in a land that is giving the best of Castilian literature today’s day. Luis Mateo Diez, Jose Maria Merino, Antonio Gamoneda, Andres Trapiello, Raul Guerra Garrido, Antonio Colinas, Julio Llamazares lead one long list of writers of the first order who, not long ago, expressly rejected the existence of an own literature with distinguishable signs of identity and defended the universalism as a common trait of writing of all of them. I bring this to collation on account of some recent statements of the Mayor of Leon, Francisco Fernandez, that we do not feel we castellanos and the province should therefore be included in the Constitution as an own territory, with its peculiarities, its idiosyncrasies and its history. Put another way: the regional split. Already seen: once again, politicians, instead of solving the problems of its citizens are dedicated to create others where there before them.

However, should recognize that these periodic sovereigntists proclamations, by qualifying them somehow, have your revenues to those who perform them. Constant sword of Damocles of the Leonese particularism leads the Board to give priority to that province over the others, apart from the natural querencia of Rodriguez Zapatero which was the scene of his adolescence. For this reason, since the percentage of public investment until its airport subsidies, passing through the appropriation of Caja Duero from Spain box, all are advantages for that province. And is that in this country, once again, nationalist, regionalist or secessionist attitudes always come more aware that the be merely supportive. Original author and source of the article.


Business Customers

Do you remember your first day of your business? You probably, like other entrepreneurs, at the time thought that he could conquer the world. Now we are very busy to conquer our own corner of the world to pay attention to the rest unless it is to learn some tips from successful sellers who are doing big business. Tips like these can be applied to all markets, regardless of product or service, and are great motivators to try something new. You never know when an idea is worth a million. Create a special offer a special offer is exactly that one offering that is special. You don’t have to get a lot of new products to put together a special offer. It is not only very complicated you have to use what you have.

Pick up some items that are related, group them, make a discount on the price, and your customers will be eager to buy because they will be confident of getting a good deal. Detection of niche markets niche markets are everywhere, in front of their noses. These potential customers are groups of people who share common traits. Think of it. Perhaps you know a group that have a common hobby, adolescents who practise the same sport, class families mean that travel a lot or housewives who are looking for an additional source of income. They are all examples of possible market niches.

You should evaluate these groups of people, and discover needs and desires that share. That will give you advantage to customize its advertising campaign and focusing it directly to them. It is not too difficult to take their current listings and make some changes to adapt to the niches. The increase in profits will be the best appreciation you can get. Satisfied customers are the best marketing strategy marketing success is to develop the ability to convert your customers into promoters. Often, it is even necessary to directly ask customers they refer you to others. Their willingness to do so is given by the loyalty as a customer. Naturally, satisfied customers refer you to your friends and family. Quality service is the first step towards the references, but it is possible to go a step further. Studies show that each satisfied customer tells him as well which has fared at least three people. Others including Andreessen Horowitz, offer their opinions as well. What would happen if encourage that customer a little? It would be many more than three. Thank your customers referring you to others at a discount, a special gift, or a simply thanking them. You can kill two birds with one stone by compiling surveys to your customers. Some quick questions about what you like to the customer and what not of their product, followed by a request for the names and addresses of friends and relatives who would benefit from the product, and that is all you need to get the contact information for potential clients.



This oil is considered an antiviral that prevents the virus develops and so the symptoms disappear quickly. (Aromatherapy healing) Remedy for cold sores # 7 remove the lemon juice and apply a few drops on the outbreak of dolorose. Do this three times a day. Remedy for cold sores # 8 put some Ash on the area affected by herpes Labialis. Remedy for cold sores # 9 soak a handful of beans in a cup of water for 12 hours. See more detailed opinions by reading what Howard Schultz offers on the topic.. Then, soak a cotton swab with water and apply this three times a day. Recommendations keep clean and dry cold sores to dry the blisters, is necessary to keep the area clean and dry.

Replace your toothbrush. Since the virus can be present in the toothbrush, it is recommended that after the blister develops and to avoid the presentation of many others, fall or pull the brush. When the sores of herpes that heals completely, change the new brush.Often change small tubes of toothpaste. (Source: Kevin Johnson). Toothpaste can transmit the disease if the tube opening of pasta touched the brush and was in his mouth. For this reason it is recommended to change them often.

Identify the sequence. They must be analyzed, everytime there is an attack of herpes Labialis, what motivated him. So you can identify and avoid triggers. Avoid foods that are rich in arginine. Arginine is an essential amino acid for the metabolism of the herpes virus that is found in foods such as chocolate, soft drinks of cola, peas, peanuts, jam, nuts and beer. Hence the importance of eliminating from your diet. Adopt a more positive attitude towards life. Research has shown that tension or stress may be related somehow with the recurrence or the outbreak of herpes simplex, therefore, must relax through exercises or techniques such as meditation and visualization. Use moisturizing lip if it feels dry lips do not expose to the Sun without sunscreen. Do not remove dead skin if dry lips. Exercise. It seems that in the exercise actually helps strengthen the immune system so it walk, swim or do low impact aerobics, daily for at least 30 minutes. Avoid activities that reduce immunity as cigarette smoking or using drugs and alcohol. Some tips to prevent cold sores spreading avoid kissing someone else, especially if you have an outbreak (to drain fluid from herpes Labialis blister). Wash your hands frequently and especially everytime you touch the outbreak.

Latin American Governments

Is born a new stage in Latin American banking? 15 July 2009 106 so many crises has suffered from the Latin American financial system, which paradoxically (or probably not), in one of the worst financial crises in history, it has remained on the sidelines, watching a healthy fortress. Without a doubt, a success that deserves to be recognized and analyzed in perspective for what comes. Ricardo Marino, President of the Latin American Federation of banks (FELABAN), acknowledged what has been achieved by the Latin American banking sector at a seminar held in Madrid: we learned a lot with the volatility of the past crises and see that banking is today part of the solution and not the problem. Like everytime a success, is reached at the time of the awards, the Latin American Governments (broadly since as always, there are exceptions), have great merit. The decision to opt for more sound macroeconomic policies is the best alternative that Governments can continue to maintain the stability of the economy and is the option that This time have chosen almost all Latin American Governments. This contrasts with the old tradition of seeking immediate results typical of past decades where economic policy ended up causing serious damage in the medium and long term, finding its outcome in a new crisis.

Monetary policy has undoubtedly done their part also and deserves recognition. The use of inflation targets in most of the economies, has provided greater transparency in monetary policy. Families and businesses, and banking institutions, succeeded in having a clear reference of what you could expect in inflationary terms and on the basis of this greater predictability improved efficiency in their choices of consumption and investment, two components that have increased to reduce precautionary savings derived from the uncertainty generated by the context. He has joined the effort made by Governments the good behavior of banks that avoided taking excessive risks.

Business Information

Without a doubt there is a single proliferation as a new form of business, the changes are so numerous in relation to marketing and methods of doing business than even the great empires digase, Coca Cola, Victoria Secret, CNN, and no doubt all and each of these empires have seen the Stela that brings this new era of communications and why is that have moved to the type of marketing that you You can offer you also the opportunity to establish you and grow you as an employer of your own business. Internet is the magic tool for the future and has almost dezplazado to the classic market system. Ask yourself but that is the first thing you do when you need to find or buy something, digase clothing, House, even food? well the first thing is to search the internet, why? well because internet with a single click will take you to any place in the world where East what you want and you dara options that perhaps not even thought. Therefore if you are looking to create your own business there is no greater opportunity than the now, but do to know as internet works and you need to make your business the fruits that you are looking for and your life change forever? The first thing will know how to make sure your business is to who need what you offer and vice versa and if you still don’t have a product or a business that offer as you could also find a product that is the first step. The best product to start your business is informative specifically, there is much to learn about the use of the internet and how to make that your business is as a first option in the search engine, and above all there are many customer looking for this information updated by the minute so my best advice is if you don’t already have your own business and yet when you do you must have this information to the day so well have the advantage that gives the internet because only if you have a web page the your company or products and do not have the necessary tools so that the traffic in your page is exactly those looking for your product, because I’m afraid that your page very recently there by your company. The reality is: a business on the internet requires tools and up-to-date information of: 1 – that is what works to make your offers to appear at least on the first page of the search engine. 2 – How to start your business without fear that the information you have is outdated and little functional. 3 You must ally you already have to whom this information and has trite way to achieve your goals so ahoraras time and dolores gives head, and also will offer the opportunity to offer this same information and win for it. AN affiliate of direct sales is the most effective.

Florentino Fernandez

For its part, Florentino Fernandez believes mark CARLiN excellent, both in the personal and professional support. There is a great team spirit that you feel immediately integrated. I appreciate the fact that you listen and take into account any suggestions that come from franchisees, especially if it is for the benefit of the chain in general. Regarding the decision to embark on a franchising business, the multifranquiciado of Asturias is quite clear: I leaned for the franchise because there are many advantages that it brings front to create an independent business and I have always believed that this method is the best to increase the competitive capacity of the company. Daniel Garcia added that the decision to mount a franchise was also marked by how quickly learn a business that we knew nothing and being a franchise we would help a lot. In any business, franchise or not, you must rely on professionals that advise you on various issues. (As opposed to Jonas Samuelson). After these years of work and experience, both multifranquiciados are optimistic about their expectations for the future: it seems proven franchise business is one of those who have good expectations for the future, but that future is to be found every day giving a good service to our customers and optimizing our resources, explains Florentino, while Daniel claims that their expectations are allwith CARLiN we are always willing to everything.

About Carlin is dedicated to the marketing of equipment and office furniture, supplies of stationery and computer science through comfortable hiperpapelerias self-service, distribution and sale online stores. Currently, CARLiN franchise network is present with 497, of which 490 are managed by franchisees and franchises 7 are of their own. Outside our borders, there are 35 franchises CARLiN found in Andorra, Gibraltar and Portugal. During 2008 the chain had a turnover of 160 million euros through its nearly 500 franchises.

Investment Investors

There are many investors who have been able to see how their investment portfolios managed to grow after steep falls in the market long ago. But the damage more big market will generate this year is not very far from starting. The majority of investors have invested in the stock market during the year 2008, but were unable to have fun with the changing ravages that were suffering from their investment portfolios. More beyond the slight recovery the market began having last year, many investors have not been able to reach levels that began in 2007 before that markets will begin to fall. The impact of the crisis on the value of the actions harmed the confidence and weakened part of the power of investors, which could affect and negatively to persuade future generations of investors to not invest in the stock market.

That could be termed as a disaster to the financial possibilities of future decades. Douglas Oberhelman has compatible beliefs. Squeezing the trigger even when we are not nervous for a possible collapse of the financial market, the fact of working for financial goals more large such as savings for withdrawals require an effort much larger. Consider these points: before you begin you must find a way to invest their money, regardless of whether it is through broker or mutual fund company. Once established this point need to know where our money, stay already is through a few hundred or a few thousand forms of inversione. Then they have to come up with money to invest it every month. Even the most diligent budgets which used homes still may have difficulty with money to get cash and make periodic investments, especially when times are tough. Also start is only the first step. Because necessary starting now taking is into account all these obstacles, does not have to surprise them that many people them do not bother to do something more complicated that pull your extra money into a savings account somewhere.