Then went to the office of lawyers. He had lunch a burger and fries on a Mac Donald, a place of your choice forever. Compared the two had eaten hamburgers that day and said to himself: "There's like this place! – Here too was a teenager more. He finished that first day before five o'clock. He was tired, but the idea of going to Picadilly revived him. I knew that hotels in the city were not cheap and although his father had given him enough money, he was not going to spend in hotels, had planned to have fun as long as possible and that was where he planned to invest. He wondered if it would be bad idea to go to one of those hotels, hostels where a room is shared by several people. It tried to imagine sleeping with strangers, waiting their turn to go to the bathroom or shower, and concluded that it was pretty bad.

"I'll try to find a hotel away from the center," he said. "I suppose there must be many economic and where I can have my own room and ensuite bathroom. "Although maybe he thought wryly, after all, not even spend the night there. I should have set out on the Internet before, were challenged himself, but his inexperience made him ignore this idea before. "I'll ask in a bar. Someone must know of one. But in none of the two bars that came found the answer. Almost everyone knew who were in the vicinity.