Industrial Revolution: Structure

In the way as they had been described, the traces are natural in the people, are part of its psicossocial structure and they cannot be learned by individuals without this potential, or if possesss these traces or if it cannot be a leader or to occupy functions of leadership in an organization, for example. Before finishing this chapter, valley to retake the topic on leadership and women, who briefly we approach previously. Fisher (1999) defended exactly that in the primordial communities the women had paper importantssimo, for being those that consistently brought foods (a time that the hunting – although irreplaceable protein source who had guaranteed our survival as species – something was more difficult to be gotten) to the group. (As opposed to Endera). If on the other hand the setting of the human beings in small farms proportionate for agriculture gave chance to the women better to divide with the men the works of food collection, without the necessity of if moving away very from the offspring, on the other hand it was with the agriculture that if initiated the feminine secundarizao. The men had taken for itself the weighed tasks more as aragem and preparation of the ground, and later they had assumed the roles of traders and warriors, defending its plantations. During the Industrial Revolution in the end of century XIX, it again had a call for the participation of the women in the first lines of production, returning to them a economic and productive paper in the community. The world-wide wars and many other wars that had not been world-wide, but had involved most of the developed countries, without wanting had contributed to provoke a presence each more massive time of women in the work force, since it was necessary the hand of workmanship in the production lines and assembly. Culminating this analysis, the phenomenon of baby-boomers (the generation of the been born ones between 1946 and 1964) is now arriving at the third age.

Alfred Adler

Later Alfred Adler complemented this initiative and influenced in our way of to understand the motivation in the work, being pointed out that the human being has strong the desire to have to be able on the others and ‘ ‘ to speech in being able, it mentioned the authority that the individual desires to have to demand that the others precede the interests of it in accordance with. ‘ ‘ (GELLERMAN, p 102). Already Robert W. White, observed that the people also want to understand and to dominate the environment, being this desire of called domain ‘ ‘ motivation of competncia’ ‘ , and ‘ ‘ the desire to prove capacity must have an important paper in the attainment of success in the work ‘ ‘ especially in the cases where the organizacionais changes more demand each time the pro-activity and capacity to innovate. (GELLERMAN, 1976) the change moved. Today the speed, the rhythm, and the purpose of the change is others and must concentrate us to move constantly. A general way, the human being likes to be capable, making the things to happen, to determine what it must occur, instead of if keeping passively to its wait. For BERGAMINI, the motivation it leaves of being one scientific concept to help to understand the man in its individual constitution and if transforms into a tool practical to influence the behavior of the individual inside and outside of the organizations. With the industrial revolution, investments each time more weighed had been made with the objective of increase of the efficiency of the industrial processes that had started to more demand greaters and rewarded returns, where in punishment place adopted it belief of that the money would be the main source of incentive to the motivation.

Program Stock

Of the searched sample when she was asked to it on social insertion in the programs, 22 families had answered that they are not inserted in the programs and 37 declare that they had had social chances. Of the social programs placed 31de the interviewed ones had told to make the use. Our objective in creating a conscience of the community on the importance of the participation and the rights was reached, has seen that in the period of comment of the period of training already we had identified that the users did not participate of the offered courses to the beneficiaries of the Program Stock market Family, only 2 already they had participated. Had the importance that has the users of the Program Stock market Family to participate of some professionalizing social program, a time that according to Brazil (2004), will leave to need the value that the government transfers giving the time to another needed family. Additional information at Electrolux supports this article. Therefore it will help the same ones to obtain to insert itself in the work market.

As we know that the CRAS is new, created in the year of 2005 with the creation of ITS already was waited that the population was not informed, where only 12 interviewed users had said to have knowledge. In accordance with the research and the tabulao of I number it to the data that it reached the disinformation maximum was the unfamiliarity of the services given in the CRAS, where only 7 had this information. The Complementary CRAS and Programs for users of the Stock market Family: Exactly many beneficiaries liveing pertinho of a CRAS do not have information of the benefits that the same can bring for the individual and its family. 4 ANALYSIS OF the RESULTS OF the PROJECT OF INTERVENTION Ahead of diagnosised reality and considering the paper of the Social Assistant, as seen in the theoretical referencial, a model of promotion human being, became fullfilled an intervention project that had as objective, to inform and to guide the people to look the CRAS, the SCAPS and the agencies that partnership with the Social Programs of the Federal Government has.

Saints Work

The power that we have of communication is the most basic and vital of all necessities because after the physical survival and table to feed since the prehistoric times a man it needed if to extend to understand as the others through the interpersonal communication only. What the staff only thinks colloquy obtains same its intelligence and to petition staff or interior. It is very important, but he is not the sufficient one for a good communication what he really matters, so that the knowledge is not in the deep one of the ocean of the mind, is the capacity to transmit to the messages and our thoughts and feelings. To only transmit what it is important for our mental health Of a person who obtains to transmit in its branch business-oriented that its subordinate and customers will have resulted more in its work, knowledge is to be able if well used not to only be so good for being able when the universe is not communicated that is not transformed into action. Add to your understanding with Ben Horowitz. The ones that communication if establishes. In the truth the word represents only 7% of the communication capacity and influence on other people the courses currently of communication of the addition its mother read obsolete and was concentrated only of 7% is not saying with that words are not important. Which is the ratio of salt in the food in relation to other low ingredients, and pepper? Less still. However a bit more than salt or of pepper makes great difference in the flavor. Before the word, to communicate Sidney you need to say a structure that of more power its communication. I wait that this article has Helped to know it and better and to extend its power of communication and in the businesses greetings. Wanderley Saints Work in house

The Importance Of The Business Card And Label Rules

The business card is a very important icon for who has active the professional life. It is the door of entrance for the one creation networking, that is, the people who belong to its gamma of professional friends. For this reason it is very important that it well is elaborated and well writing, therefore is it who goes garantr good a first impression on the receiver of the card. To make business card is not difficult, is enough to follow some small regrinhas that it does not have as to make a mistake: 1) Layout: its business card must contain only the necessary information and in summarized way. It tries to create a slogan with its main strong points. An example can be: John doe – Mechanic of tools Specialized in machines 2) Leaves its well clear contacts, such as: telephone, address, Well-taken care of email etc. with the excesses, it is not necessary to place its residential telephone if you do not work in house.

3) Not rasure, glue, clipping or kneads its card. It remembers that it is its first impression, is what it goes to make to the other to know you for the first time people. If the telephone number moved, or you moved of email, or the impression left wrong, prints the card again. It is better to print the card of new of what to be rasurando and writing the hand its new email or telephone. 4) Carte in a specialized place prints its, that is, a graphical. Not to use those daily pay-ready formats of detachable cards that leave barbs. This not good cause impression. 5) It makes the possible cleanest card.

It does not full its card of figures, photos and images unnecessary, well-taken care of also with the colors, it prefers tone colors crayon, or uses the colors of its company. Now that you already know as to make its business card, we go to see some label rules on as to deliver them and to receive from its colleagues. a) It knows the alias process to deliver the card. You generally perceive this hour, exactly that she does not know, the people you go to start to change the cards, then uses to advantage this hour. b) When receiving a card from its colleague, does not knead, folds or simply it places in the pocket. It reads the card for a respect question. Good these are the tips, who to want can comprementar them, are enough to comment

The Reformist

When observing these cases of sufficiently poor countries and the developing countries, that appears World War II after, the Neomalthusiana theory, intending to explain what it happened with these countries that grew more lived facing many social problems. The central idea of this theory was that the causes of these problems were these superpopulations. To think about the current days, to observe some situations, are taken to understand a little to it on such theory, that it can have some bedding, an overpopulation will bring more costs for the government of a country, having understood that this country is sufficiently poor, this population would not have perspective occupation nor incentive and nor to improve of life. But it will be that alone the population, in great number, of a country is responsible for low the quality of life faced for this people? It can be considered that some rich countries, mainly European, have a negative vegetative growth and its population to each year is older while the economically active one it diminishes, generating there a great problem for the providence of these countries. This theory Would need more beddings to explain such problems. Perhaps the socialism can assist in a more practical and efficient solution for the faced social problems after poor countries. The Reformist theory believes one ' ' equality social' ' as being the solution of many countries.

The income distribution can be seen as something sufficiently positive if it is will be to the igualitrio model. Until it would be a joke to speak in this way in the capitalist world that if lives in the present time, but is not. It can be taken as example Brazil, is parents who grow to each year, has the highest GIP, a young population, and many other examples that would give status to it of developed country. But it suffers one badly that it seems not to have cure, me the income distribution, this country exports tons of nourishing products while in the table of very of its children it does not have nothing to eat. Then pra that as much wealth, if who really needs it not I usufructed? Some social programs as the Stock market Family, try to brighten up such problems, but the situation is very far from being decided, therefore, a distribution of income in extreme equality in Brazil, will not have, exactly knowing that this would be the main solution of this country.

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