With the growth of Japanese and Korean soap operas in recent years, as a side effect, also increased the popularity of Japanese and Korean fashion. Since the Sino-Korean Peninsula are the two great luminaries Asian fashion, Korean fashion is usually represented by these two styles. In fact, the Japanese fashion was the first wave of public enthusiasm Asian style, but later, apparently subsided and was replaced by a Korean fashion. Women's Fashion – it is quite a profitable business. At the same time as growing popularity of Korean fashion, handicraft producers wanted to get a piece and the Korean table, too. Especially when you consider the fact that the originality of this Korean designers did not cost cheap.

So, buying a Korean clothing, look for the following signs, prompting that the product – poddelka.Ne Koreans, Korean-producing clothing. Clothing sold in online stores must be made in Korea. This can be determined by Model, which wear clothes for her presentation. If a girl model – obviously not Korean – the clothes, most likely, too, was in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. And most of their products – it is a fake. And from experience, clothing obtained from these places, usually made of low-grade material or a bad cut.

Also, in most cases, the clothes do not look as good, as fotografiyah.Poluchennaya clothing – wet or smells bad. If the clothes you have been waiting for, smelly or wet – your anger, in this case, it is even justified. After all, you just got a surprise present from the Handicraft, bad smelling and sweaty production. Most of these enterprises concerned only with the number of produced commodity, therefore, not surprising that they do not have the appropriate budget or any need to 'As a control. "Language errors in the inscriptions on their clothes, or brand labels. These errors indicate a very high probability for a fake. As in the preceding paragraph in such a producer is simply no money for quality control products. And in most cases, the manufacturer does not even suspect that he actually typing on their products. 🙂 Buy Korean clothes from websites ending in '. Cn' If you do not know Korean and want to buy korean clothes – it can not be an easy task, since most Korean websites are made in Korean. However, the development of Internet and online shopping, there are many sites that sell Korean clothing made in English. Thus, the name of an online store ending in '. Cn', in most cases indicate the goods with the price of goods poddelkoy.Posmotrite and think his head. If prices seem too good to be true – that, in most cases – it is so. Forgery can compete only with the original price. Since quality can not be better, then the only thing that could lure such a product – is reduce the cost of production. Clearly, the worse the production – and the worse the product. Summarizing the above, look for a proven web sites. I can recommend a good online store Korean clothing

Legacy Of The Dragon

I am now two months of playing Legend: Legacy of the Dragon. You can describe in detail capabilities, but made it easier – in a word with a detailed drawing of Flash animation and all – on the steel armor to the bubble of mana, that's exactly what we all dreamed of so many years ago, reading the logs of old MMORPG, it should be shorter on the watch itself. I started with the screen shots that litter the game site. And it was pretty bad – immediately visible level. Again, a plus illustrations – all backgrounds to locations are drawn excellent designers, and there are a lot of these backgrounds! It is clear that the essence of the game I will not tell, just will not. The plot is the fact that to themselves to read late at night, sipping hot tea, complete silence. A major the idea of the game should tell you – a confrontation between two ancient races – humans and Magmars fight for power over energy.

Our race – they are people in Africa, protect the universal order, bravery, valor, well, pretty dismal Magmars little animals, but possess enviable intelligence and devastating force. Although, in fact, the most invincible enemy they did not. But what he probably themselves and find out. A minimum of gameplay. The game "Legend" is coming up with the times browser-based RPG, with several consequences. After depressing the registration does not, select the appearance of the player and his race (among other things, it is very nicely implemented) client module surprisingly quickly enabled, and you are immersed in the ancient city. You can perform the first task, talk to different lyudom, find out where that yes, buy silver leather armor yes rzhavenky sword and moved out.

Everything is everywhere, but the quality drawing just fine. And besides, this toy is filled with lots of interesting pieces such as "instances" – small parallel worlds left unknown to anyone … But the address I will not give you, because this game is absolutely free which is very dangerous horde narcissistic dropouts who fall on their own and know nothing about the strategy. Actually, that's a hint – in which you want the search engine, enter something like: adult games online, and you will will take in the fabulous and mysterious world of Faeo, and if lucky, and a remote island Khair …