Claude Lanzmann

For many it exists an attempt, despite if it does not justify front to the barbarism, of if studying the reason of a behavior so broken. Claude Lanzmann repudiates all fierce and any consent of such nazista behavior and its possible interpretations, what he is of if understanding. But also if he must observe that such behavior occurred, and of that nowadays, we observe> also certain incoherences and horrors in the human behavior. Hitler as a psychopath, presents a demaggica personality of manipulation, all dissociada, in one to scatter sadism, torture, suicide, genocide, homicide, etc. Thus being, far from me, to want to stifle the badness human being, and in the certainty of the enormous suffering tax the thousand of human beings, fits here an attempt of if discovering the deep one of a tirnico behavior, what it is fit in the pathology of a psychopath.

Hitler as a person mentally unbalanced, in a riot of projected aggression in the Jewish people mainly, in a disfuno in the structure of its EGO, nothing more made of what to assassinate a society, and also to automutilar themselves, and if to automatar. (it was a suicidal assassin). society of the time also evidenced a complicity in one TO MAKE COMFORTABLE ITSELF, one TO ACCEPT, until seems that Hitler with its all powerful esplendor of chancellor, encegueceu a nation that, prudently it accepted without any questioning..

Help Online Psychology

The society still exists a stereotype that people with problems must cope himself and psychological help is not needed. In a pinch, he can seek advice from friends or relatives. But already in family issues in general not taken anyone to dedicate a family psychologist and advice as something superfluous. Fortunately, the situation changes. Understanding and awareness that psychological help can be online used as an effective means of self-development, in the first place people come to the most successful and energetic. They first realized that the help and psychological counseling can greatly contribute to the success of business, improve their quality of life and psychological comfort. Solving for themselves the question of whether the appeal for advice and help of a psychologist, it is not necessary from complexes about their "failures" as a person, not able to solve their own problems.

It is better to look at it in perspective: "Consulting Psychologist online – that's what I can afford." The degree of need for psychological care and psychological counseling online. Psychological help is simply by a professional. And if the fact referred to it introduces a man to confusion with regard to issues of independence, confidence, control, jealousy, etc., then it is worth considering to what extent all this is important – it's the problem of his life in general? And in order to solve them, can and should take the advice and assistance of a psychologist as a professional. Often, the activities of modern man fraught with stress and difficulties that are very difficult to understand without professional psychological help. Help and advice the psychologist should not be neglected in creates a difficult situation, and then there is chance to get out of them with the least personal losses. These days, you get as an individual psychological care and counseling of family psychologist. Family psychologist – home of the modern family doctor. In the West, online services psychologist enough demand for psychological help often by married couples.

They have to do a so-called family psychologist – a specialist on relations between men and women. The effectiveness of treatment in Israel, family psychological counseling should not be underestimated. For help and advice of family psychology is always better to seek together, it is only to understand all the intricacies of relationships couples, a family psychologist can give online the most accurate recommendations. But the family – it's not only the problems of the couple, family – means children. Help a family psychologist in matters of relationships with children may be indispensable. Consulting psychologist to help the family during the notice and prevent the psychological problems of children at an early stage. Individual psychological counseling online is that man turns to his personal online counselor one or at most twice a week. At least – is not desirable. Sessions last from one to a maximum of two hours. The duration and cost of psychological counseling online is usually need to be discussed at the first meeting. The result of psychological help is always closely connected with the question of motivation the client.