Our intention was to dialogue with available critical literatures under this phenomenon and with this to make possible the reflection of practical that they can establish contraposition to the after-modern logic, logical it market. On the basis of the expositions, to think the leisure imply to conceive it, in a contraposition perspective, while space of creation of the playful manifestations. The leisure in fact represents the rest of the daily one, but it does not have that to imply at a moment to stop to think. Learn more at this site: Jonas Samuelson. The leisure in an ample perspective has to accumulate of stocks the rest and the human development from the freedom aspects, autonomy, creativity and pleasure. Introduction the present text has for objective to argue the perspective of man shaped in the concrete reality, for the speech after-modern and its search for practical and the experiences of leisure of imediatista and consumista character. Our intention is to dialogue with available critical literatures under this phenomenon and with this to make possible the reflection of practical that they can establish contraposition to the after-modern logic, logical it market. Ben Horowitz brings even more insight to the discussion.

In this direction it fits to understand more detidamente after-modernismo, as we will see to follow. After-Modernismo the Iluminismo it is deceased, the Marxism is deceased, the movement of the diligent classroom is died and the author also does not feel itself very well. Neil Smith (HARVEY, 1993) Is with this epigraph, until a little jocosa, that we initiate the treatment on the one after-modernismo, therefore express it of clear form the after-modern ideological perspective..


Management Accounting

The above-mentioned author also illustrates that some stakeholders have greater concern with physical ambient impacts of the corporative activities, whereas others are interested mainly by the monetary effect of the ambient impacts on the companies. In consequencia, different systems of accounting must satisfy some destinations and different information. However, the distinction is common enters at least two important white groups of stakeholders: internal addressees of the company such as managing, internal administrators, controlling, etc.; a sufficiently narrow band of external groups such as shareholding, agencies of credit and risk, analysts financial, etc. Thus, with internal and external focus, internal or external systems of accounting are established that can be distinguished, depending on the prinicipal intention of the system in satisfying the necessities of information for stakeholders internal or external. In such a way, the systems of the Ambient Accounting enclose an express ambient accounting in monetary units with internal focus; an express ambient accounting in monetary units with external focus. In the same way, they enclose an express ambient accounting in physical units, with internal focus; an express ambient accounting in physical units, with external focus. BURRIT, HAHN & SCHALLETEGGER (2002) complement that this integrated set of systems of developed ambient accounting with the use of express information in monetary and physical units with internal and external focos is called as Environmental Management Accounting EMA, that is, Accounting of the Ambient Management. The EMA, as joint integrated of the ambient accounting, provides different forms of information necessary to help the ambient managers to take care of its objectives, including measured physical of materials and flows of energy, supplies, processes and products, relating its impacts on the environment; measures of monetary politics on the economic impact of the ambient initiatives, such as period of payback 5, return on the capital/investment, etc.; measured qualitative of the claims of stakeholders. This contrasts with the necessities, for example, of a manager of production, with control of the tasks on the industrial operations optimizing the material and energy consumption, and reducing the risk of the operations on the environment, that it needs physical measures of materials, flows of energy and registers of processes.


School Environment

Both positive and negative Actions in the pertaining to school environment the school in its educational process, as well as the family, also develop definitive procedures in its daily one that they can intervene positive or negative in the life of the pupils with high abilities/super-endowment. The professor is common in classroom and even though the pertaining to school managers to give a very great emphasis to the pupils who if detach for having an intelligence above average, what he will be able to awake in the other jealousy, spite and discrimination or even though so commented bullying. Moreover, professors exist who start to demand less of the adept pupils high for considering that they obtain to develop well better that excessively the activities proposals in lessons, to demand the others more than or in contrast starts to antagonize it for not supporting its questionings and its positions in classroom. The pupil with high abilities does not demand that the professor is as it. This, by the way, is a preconception that comes hindering, in great measure, the identification and the guiding of this population: the confusion that if makes between authority and knowledge. Many professors think that, if not to know everything what its pupils ask, ahead lose its authority of the room. this is not truth.

It is part of the adjusted behavior stops with the adept pupil to involve it in the search of answers and solutions, when not in the proper identification of problems. This pupil can be a partner, if the professor if not feel threatened by it. An important requirement, however, for the treatment with the child or young with high abilities, is the opening for the investigation. The professor cannot be authoritarian nor to consider that he withholds the knowledge all. (BARRETO, 2008) In relation to the colleagues, generally, the pupil who presents high abilities/super-endowment is dealt with preconception, passes to be discriminated in the tricks, the meetings of the group, is explored in the pertaining to school activities and if its abilities sufficiently will be emphasized pass to be considered of the professor.