Supreme Court

The Congress shall be inviolable for the opinions and votes cast in the exercise of office, subject to the disciplinary rules contained in the respective regulations. ARTICLE 186. Of the crimes committed by Congress as an investigator and prosecutor know the Attorney General's Office requested by the Professional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice in accordance with the law, through Mr. Attorney General or his delegate before the Court, and as a judge at first instance, the Professional Chamber of the Supreme Court and on appeal the Plenary Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice. (Article amended by Decree 1500 of 2002) Article 187. The allocation of members of Congress each year shall be adjusted in proportion to the weighted average of changes in the remuneration of the central administration server, as certification for the purpose by the Comptroller General of the Republic.

Since the enactment of this constitutional reform, the person becomes entitled to retirement may not r received from resources of a public nature, a pension of more than twenty-five (25) legal monthly minimum wage in force. Exceptions are those who have acquired rights and who are covered by pension schemes and special exception. The validity of exempt pension schemes, special, or from national standards and agreements of any kind, will expire on December 31, 2007, with the exception of the pension scheme of the Presidents of the Republic shall be effective from the date of entry this constitutional reform. The Transitional arrangements will be regulated by the law of the General Pension System.