Nearshoring Customer Service Processes

As the outsourcing of business processes successfully works shows the example of a leading European car rental company in cooperation with the call center service provider Yndeo Paul Kratzer is under pressure. He is key account manager of mechanical engineering company and made a phone call to one of its most important customers. He must be around fifty kilometers from Milan airport tomorrow with the first flight to Milan to his contact in his textile business, away, to meet. He calls for a leading European car rental, to reserve a car on the spot. Scratch is somewhat impatient, has no time for large pleasantries on the phone, comes right to the point.

The Lady with the he on the phone at the car rental is professional and friendly. Scratch questions regarding of Navis that he really needs and the expected return of the vehicle be clarified within a few minutes in the late evening. Car hire is available at the requested time at the airport. Paul Kratzer is satisfied. What he did not know and also not realized: he led the phone conversation with a call center employee at her work place in Sofia, the capital of the young EU Member country Bulgaria.

The call center Call.Point, a company of the international call center networks Yndeo, edited in Sofia about a quarter of incoming customer service calls of one of the leading European car rental needs in the languages German, English, Italian, French and Spanish. The outsourcing of business processes is generally in line with the trend, but by far not a simple undertaking. If a company however internally well prepared outsourcing certain processes and in close cooperation with a professional, experienced service provider’s planning and implementation, also soon tangible, measurable results show. Here this is confirmed primarily on financial benefits taken, a study of Logica management consulting on process optimisation: roughly two-thirds of the European companies aim primarily, their processes according to financial aspects to optimize.

AVG Service

The outsourcing of business processes in a nearshore site, as the Yndeo call center in Sofia, means a massive monetary advantage by forty to fifty percent savings potential. In the medium term, but play an important role in addition to the financial benefits of business process outsourcing, which are clearly emerging nearshore solution, still factors including service times, waiting fields and call quality. Very customer-friendly service hours can be achieved, possibly 24-hour operation, because the cost and structural barriers are very low. The staffing of the project may be more richly”fail and thus planned a higher level of service and also achieved. In our case, the step to the outsourcing customer was prepared already very structured. Very early, the Yndeo call center in Sofia was included in the plans. First, it created a specific briefing on the process who came for the page in question.

On the basis of this briefing was the award of the contract calculated and contractually regulated. The next step was discussed in several joint workshops with the project at the customer in Hamburg and at the service provider in Sofia the realization of individual operations and into concrete action specification. Whether the planning was good, reflected in each project only, so also here if it actually starts working. Now started within the framework of a pilot project initially outsource customer service operations on a smaller scale. Everything ahead was the composition of the team of employees who have appropriate training and experience.

Within three weeks the home team could be, consisting of consisting of employees available already in the call center and new recruitments from outside. Subsequently conducted several training sessions at the client in Hamburg and in the call center in Sofia, with a duration of several weeks. Meanwhile, all were technical measures for the connection to the electronic booking system of the car rental realized. To do this, IT managers on client side worked together headquartered in France, closely related to the IT team of the Yndeo call center. To keep the error rate as low as possible and to achieve high learning effects, an employee of the car rental company as a project manager and coach on the spot was withdrawn. Over several weeks, he stood in the background the call center project manager and the employees in the team at your disposal, helped uncertainties in routine operations, declared exceptions and supported the deepening of the basic knowledge from the previous training. After approximately three months pilot phase the project was then taken employees on the planned size of twenty first. In the meantime, work on Yndeo page nearly fifty employees in this team in Sofia and manage between thirty – forty thousand telephone inquiries, emails and faxes per month for the principal company in the languages German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. a marketing, call center and outsourcing service provider is yndeo with European locations in Augsburg, Frankfurt, Sofia and Bucharest. 300 employees cover all possibilities of an international call center, via telephone, E-Mail, fax, post, or even Instant Messaging. In outsourcing yndeo all business processes takes over, multilingual and cost-effective, whether in customer service or with the processing of bookings and orders. Here is worked in up to 17 languages, for example, AVG, Europcar, DHL, HP, practitioners, Tele2, Transfracht, Vodafone and the UniCredit Bank. (

PRINCE2 Pioneer QRP Gaining Change Expertise

“Change expert Andreas Liebrecht in collaboration with the PRINCE2 pioneer QRP M.M.I GmbH changes, so change processes”, it is one thing to plan on paper. Quite another is to inspire the executives involved in the project and staff for the project, to highlight its importance and urgency, and to request the maximum commitment for its planning and implementation. Like a thread, is spinning this problem by the lead departments. “” This interdepartmental acceptance constitutes one of the main obstacles, identified in their advisory years Rother and Liebrecht: project “Yes, but change” No. This may not work. The integrative interplay of methods of project management and change management expertise within the company is therefore increasingly tip the scales for success or failure of just. “Because:-project management methodologies emphasise above all the factual and technical” nature of projects or change projects. Enter Thus a structured guideline for strategic and professional implementation and evaluation of projects.

“But: the people refer mostly as a driver of the success of the project”, not at all or too little. “- Change management, however, focuses on the people in the system of the Organization, considered changes within companies first and foremost a social psychological and cultural business challenge and offers more innovative approaches to the system of man in this context”. But: In the change management binding guidelines for the set up, perform, and check withdraw often from projects in favour of the orientation of the people. Here is lacking a catchy systematic framework. You develop”measurable benefits from paper strategies: specific management skills for businesses in transition. In the two-day workshop management skills for businesses in transition “the two experts Rother and Liebrecht bring together strategically central change management approaches and project management methods and” give direct answers: how product, process and service innovation implemented rapidly surgically? How will success measurable and strategic as personnel repeatable? How are concrete savings possible and in the project? How to secure the emotional acceptance of the project? How are staffing performance possible? How are the most effective lever for the optimization of resources identified? How can implementation speeds to increase significantly? PRINCE2 pioneer QRP in collaboration with Andreas Liebrecht the QRP was first consulting accredited in Germany and training company.

Together with his team, Martin Rother certified more than 4000 participants and participants. With Andreas Liebrecht Martin Rother has recruited management a designated experts from the change for his team. Liebrecht is nationally and internationally for many companies for more than a decade. Liebrecht is characterized as a systemic solution-oriented supervisor and organizational consultant, mediator and performance improvement Manager (ISPI) through a comprehensive and above all exceptionally deep-structured approach to its clients. Learn now more to the workshop seminar /… “” To learn more about the topic of project management methods and change management “to learn, contact Mrs Marion Birkner at with the subject line consulting change management”, we like to get back to you and discuss individual concerns with you. Learn more about Andreas Liebrecht under martin-Raj and team