This intensive support of clients is the secret of the success of the company. The clients have a contact who arranges security due to a 24-hour emergency service number. The duration of the coaching is adapted to the current Constitution of the clients. A well thought out offer is therefore need the 30 days of intensive care, in which clients can take so much help. Positive to mention is the overall support in the areas of life-balance, exercise, nutrition and relaxation. But why do clients opt for a coaching instead of therapy? The answers are clear: the intensive care and discretion for their situation in their environment. But what about the cost? Coaching is aimed at self-financing and is not charged to health insurance companies. A decision of the client but are aware.

Press contact: LifeB Dirk-Oliver Lange communications P.o. box 60 52 67 22247 Hamburg FON 71 40 80 Fax + 49 (0) 40-35 07 94 95 mailto: corporate information: Branchenunabhangig and with over 10 years experience LifeB Consulting specializes in life balance consulting for individuals and businesses. Coaching and support are targeted towards the people, regardless of his professional position. Therefore, clients in addition to managers, entrepreneurs, executives, self-employed, athletes or artists (artist and actors coaching) include also young adults and clients involved in any management position. The company’s focus on the prevention and care of anxiety, fatigue, depression, Burnout, Boreout, to restore the necessary balance between tension and relaxation. A further and future-oriented field of activity is the coaching of guests on FitWell travel. This is premium upscale, as the optimal combination of holiday and prevention health-related travel.

PRINCE2 Pioneer QRP Gaining Change Expertise

“Change expert Andreas Liebrecht in collaboration with the PRINCE2 pioneer QRP M.M.I GmbH changes, so change processes”, it is one thing to plan on paper. Quite another is to inspire the executives involved in the project and staff for the project, to highlight its importance and urgency, and to request the maximum commitment for its planning and implementation. Like a thread, is spinning this problem by the lead departments. “” This interdepartmental acceptance constitutes one of the main obstacles, identified in their advisory years Rother and Liebrecht: project “Yes, but change” No. This may not work. The integrative interplay of methods of project management and change management expertise within the company is therefore increasingly tip the scales for success or failure of just. “Because:-project management methodologies emphasise above all the factual and technical” nature of projects or change projects. Enter Thus a structured guideline for strategic and professional implementation and evaluation of projects.

“But: the people refer mostly as a driver of the success of the project”, not at all or too little. “- Change management, however, focuses on the people in the system of the Organization, considered changes within companies first and foremost a social psychological and cultural business challenge and offers more innovative approaches to the system of man in this context”. But: In the change management binding guidelines for the set up, perform, and check withdraw often from projects in favour of the orientation of the people. Here is lacking a catchy systematic framework. You develop”measurable benefits from paper strategies: specific management skills for businesses in transition. In the two-day workshop management skills for businesses in transition “the two experts Rother and Liebrecht bring together strategically central change management approaches and project management methods and” give direct answers: how product, process and service innovation implemented rapidly surgically? How will success measurable and strategic as personnel repeatable? How are concrete savings possible and in the project? How to secure the emotional acceptance of the project? How are staffing performance possible? How are the most effective lever for the optimization of resources identified? How can implementation speeds to increase significantly? PRINCE2 pioneer QRP in collaboration with Andreas Liebrecht the QRP was first consulting accredited in Germany and training company.

Together with his team, Martin Rother certified more than 4000 participants and participants. With Andreas Liebrecht Martin Rother has recruited management a designated experts from the change for his team. Liebrecht is nationally and internationally for many companies for more than a decade. Liebrecht is characterized as a systemic solution-oriented supervisor and organizational consultant, mediator and performance improvement Manager (ISPI) through a comprehensive and above all exceptionally deep-structured approach to its clients. Learn now more to the workshop seminar /… “” To learn more about the topic of project management methods and change management “to learn, contact Mrs Marion Birkner at with the subject line consulting change management”, we like to get back to you and discuss individual concerns with you. Learn more about Andreas Liebrecht under martin-Raj and team