Digital Age

In the digital age we can visualize three forms of transmission of message::1. Text: using email messages escritos2 are sent. Voice: through transmission of voice, chat, verbal or by telefono3. Voice, image and text. Few use it, because they think that this is a related medium only with video conferencing when in reality, the use of sequential autoresponders allows messages to send voice, image and text. Know how to communicate is an art that can be aprenderEl language is an important component in interpersonal communication.

Everyone can communicate, but not everyone knows to make themselves understood the words have the power to cause in the other emotions and different moods. A good message creates a good layout, the receiver opens to know otherwise is that receiver suspected and closes deleting your message without thinking twice to communicate is an art that can be learned while writing a message, your goal is to sell something a product, an idea, confidence, credibility, image always tries to sell something is convenient to consider the following: is direct and honest as means communicate with simplicity, sincerity and clearly think about the recipient and what this pleases him automate your work with an autoresponder sequence humanize the message, make it suitable to the receiver build a relationship through understanding creating confidence and credibility better understanding others. It is the first step to communicate is the right message. Many writers such as Sonya Reines-Djivanides offer more in-depth analysis. Use correct media go to the target market keep separate matters, don’t confuse the receiver that the solution to your problem is located on your website use positive language to assume its responsibility for the failures and the successes avoid excuses them if satisfied person same causes generally good results and that constitutes the basis for future conduct even more effective!

Contractual Matches

It's no secret that the contractual matches – quite normal and natural to the modern phenomenon of football. This is how corruption – there will be as much as there will be football. And okay, since all would have happened only at the level of rumors – supposedly lost to Spartak Zenit fans will yell a couple of days that the game was bought, and a week later all was forgotten. Like fun! , match-fixing around the world. Click Keith McLoughlin to learn more. This is done by the standard procedure: special agents smell out information about the upcoming 'dogovornyake', sell it for huge money in the special office, which, in turn, sell it mere mortals, and too far from free.

Mere mortals put their blood and cause significant damage to bookmakers. That such a system here. Of course, such a business is built on a big risk and big money but the fact remains – the contractual matches played, while bookmakers bankrupt. Official site: Electrolux. After all, in fact, all elementary – millionaire disburse any match in the lower divisions, is certified in warranty the result you want, put their considerable savings to the bookmaker, and and everything, there is no bookmaker.


Mark Dakaskasom

Style Wizard Pastinha is called 'Angola', in honor of the places in Africa where slaves were brought. Master Pastinha and Master Bimba considered key figures that determined the development of contemporary Capoeira. Read more from Howard Schultz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If Bimba gave priority to military issues, the wizard Pastinha traditionally emphasized ritual and playful nature of this art. Externally, the speed and manner of execution of movements there is a difference between the two styles. However, many modern capoeira act as advocates single capoeira, not opposing each other, "Angola" and "", and explaining the difference in styles only way to signal its internal state through the motions. About capoeira in Russia learned in 1994, after the movie came 'Only the fittest' with Mark Dakaskasom in the title role.

Now – this beautiful art is firmly stuck in our country. Dictionary beginner capoeirista On the origin of the word capoeira scientists debate. Some claim that the word means "field, overgrown with bushes, which cleared either by burning or cutting. In Portuguese, the official language of Brazil, the word capoeira means big cage for hens or where fattened chickens. There is also a view that capoeira means "to flutter and fly from place to place", and "fight, fight to beat." Both words used to describe the movements of a rooster in cockfights. Rodo de capoeira (game in capoeira) takes place during the ritual in a circle. Both the ritual and the circle are called the roda, which means "circle", as in the concept of geometric shapes, and groups of people.