Austrian Provincial Governor

The Austrian town Wiener Neustadt taxed announcements the fiscal and tax policy was years of 20.Jahrhundertes in addition to the industry -, trade and industrial policy as well as the agriculture and forestry policy the third pillar of economic policy in the lower Austria and Vienna of the 20s and 30s. She played a crucial role especially in the post-war years characterized by the economy of lack of after the first world war in the lower Austrian domestic politics. In this era, new taxes and charges were invented. By the law relating to the collection of a levy of public announcements within the city Wiener Neustadt, this authority was empowered to exercise a specific taxation and tax law. The public announcements within the metropolitan area of Wiener Neustadt were starting point. A new era in the loading of products and services was initiated with this new tax and levy, where in the episode followed a slew of other specific regulations.

This development is now published in the series of LawLeaks. After the announcement Tax Act of the tax liability, all announcements in Word were the tax liability and includes image, which brought guest and coffee houses or stations, issued at public places and roads or in public spaces, i.e. about theatres, cinemas, or made. Public transport is considered to be public space within the meaning of the announcement-tax law for the city of Wiener Neustadt. The pressure of the announcements could be carried out on chemical or mechanical manner. There were also exemptions from tax announcement for Wiener Neustadt exemptions from advertisement tax. View of the State, the province of lower Austria, or municipal or even the legally recognised churches and religious communities were considered free.

In addition, announcements to elections of legislative or public authorities, as well as the announcements of political gatherings were also freed. Also signboards and other inscriptions of the own shops is considered to be exempt, in addition the municipality could speak out for scientific and educational purposes duty announcements. The charge level on the basis of advertisement Tax Act for Wiener Neustadt was measured height of the levy and circle the taxable in relation to the size of the advertisement. Up to 260 cm in size, 30 Heller were calculated at sizes larger than 260 cm 60 Heller. As Abgabepflichtiger was to look at, which prompted the announcement. Basically, the inducer had making the display of fitting. Full rules and administrative penalties on the basis of the law of this country could be adopted detailed enforcement rules. Administrative penalties could be pronounced in height from 5 to up to 400 crowns. The execution was conducted by the lower Austrian Provincial Governor sever (SDAP) conjunction with the State Secretary for the Interior and education.