Gratuitous Reporte

A series of negative results and objections imagined before at least to arrive. They left tired the meeting 4. I asked to them then, how they would feel, how they would be the things if they could not believe the thought that being new it was an obstacle for its sales. They said to me that more trusting, safer, calmer appropriately to act, to respond, and to handle with the client You can see the great difference between believing a thought or no? You can see how, when they think that to be it limits new them, feel like pessimists and before demoralized at least to arrive at the client and when they do not have that thought, more trusting insurances, optimists feel and? And you can see how that can be reflected in one better relation and deal with the client and better results? Finally I invited, to invest them the thought and to see how the opposite thing than they believed could more be so true or That is to say, how the fact of being new could help them to reach its objectives and to be a strength instead of a weakness Here some of the examples that found of how this could be so true or more than the original thought: – for being new, we strived more in gaining a client and give to a better service – people often prefer a new company and smaller where they feel better taken care of and more important clients feel, to a great company and of trajectory, where they become a client more – because more are developed to professional level to be able to respond to the objections that a client can raise to them by his position of new she pushes and to initially develop them to the maximum to its abilities like salesmen, the being a new company, made them feel at a disadvantage, as if they had something to hide. Questioning this limitor thought and investing it them it allowed abrir its mind, to feel comfortable with the fact of being new, and even seeing it like a strength that could remove to shine in front of the client. Now it thinks which are those thoughts that limit to you? What is what it restrains to you to do what requests your heart to you. To respond to these questions will be able to give tracks you on which they are the thoughts that are limiting to you to do what your heart wishes. The first step is to recognize your limitor thoughts and the following one to question them for liberarte of them and thus to beat your own record Sandra Iozzelli specializes in helping others to reduce the negative emotions, stress, the fear and the limitor beliefs in its lives.