Therapy Rejuvination

According to ayurveda skin is an important organ that reflects not only the physiological state of the organism, but the whole individual character and features of the internal human sensations: joy, sadness or grief. Using technologies designed to provide ayurvedic combined effect of harmonizing the three main aspects health and wellness: emotional, mental and physiological. Therapy Rejuvination – is an ancient Indian manual technique, which is truly Ayurvedic medicine and is considered fundamental in the ancient holistic science. Rejuvination Therapy is designed for all types of emotional and aging, caused by negative emotions such as resentment, anger, stress, frustration. Wrinkles, expression of symptoms asphyxia and dyschromia and earthy complexion are direct consequences of the state of psychological and emotional instability and the resulting loss of interest in life. This ancient therapy is recommended for use in Professional anti-aging programs and is viewed as a complex process of rejuvenation of the whole organism.

To apply for 100% natural herbal prparaty, and a special manual technique. These ancient technology designed primarily for middle-aged women experiencing feelings of anxiety, which will certainly affect the appearance of the skin. Rejuvination Therapy helps you quickly and effectively neutralize manifestations of nervous tension, "the traces of time" to restore the facial contour to achieve a lifting effect of the skin, get rid of wrinkles. Rejuvenation therapy is also part of Panchakarma (treatment of healthy lifestyles). Sacrament of five actions include procedures Shirodhara (Shirodhara) – slow pokapelnoe applying a special blend of essential oils in the area of the "third eye".