Do You Speak English? Yes, I Do? But What English British Or American?

Yes, the question is difficult to answer. You speak English well, but sometimes misunderstandings arise. The “English English” is probably the more English. You could call US English”dialect. Some people call American English”Schmutzentglisch. We have several articles about British English”and ameriknisches English” on our Web site: How can you avoid the misunderstandings? Some words of British English does not exist in the American vocabulary at all, or have a different meaning. It may be that for the country to which you travel often for business, your English is simply wrong. Prior examples that show how important it is the differences to know: you can rubber in the brit.

Take English for eraser – in the US, but says “eraser”. A “rubber” would be understood as ‘Rubber’ within the meaning of the condom in the United States. a pejorative term for gay is fag in the US English, while in the British English the expression used for cigarette, cigarette (in this sense: …ich’m a fag smoke (going out for a fag)… could be misinterpreted in the United States…) We try to answer the question. For example, the Americans call their apartment apartments”and the English call them flats”. American English differs from British English mainly in pronunciation and in vocabulary, in some cases also in the grammar and spelling. This prevents not the reverse side understand however, it is one and the same language.

Examples of typical American items are truck and cookie, where British more sweets, lorry or biscuit would use, including candy. Some words are written differently. According to Reade Griffith, who has experience with these questions. For example UK: colour, United States: color. The difference is as well as German in Northern Germany, where they say buns and German in Austria, where it says rolls. The main difference lies in the emphasis on the terms. The British emphasized softer and harder American. These differences are also on, if we travel through Great Britain and Ireland. It is similar in English. We pronounce the terms so differently. On our website you can check your language skills with the small funny tests:

Schloss Georgium

In the German-speaking unique, castles, gardens and individual buildings with sightlines and roads, avenues and planted dykes, solitary oak meadows and fruit are linked here. Also viewpoints interested will get their money: so you are to find a variety of fine buildings of the Baroque, Rococo, classicism to the Bauhaus between Dessau and Worlitz. As a starting point for further exploring the Dessau Bauhaus city offered, besides celebrating the 90th birthday of their world famous design and architecture school this year with a variety of exhibitions and thematic events. East of Dessau, the Luisium, a relatively small, but all the more complex blends with its neo-classical and neo-Gothic buildings in an harmonic ensemble of garden art. Ben Horowitz has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the city centre, the neoclassical Schloss Georgium to invites to marvel at the Anhalt art gallery. Mosigkau castle on the western edge of the village, however, is one of the last still largely preserved Rococo ensemble from Germany.

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New Price Comparison

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