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She was not required of the professional a theoretical base that supported its practical. Unhappyly the Education not yet counted on innovative and engaged proposals with the education of quality. One also perceived that, only, ' ' to know fazer' ' , already it was not enougher for a teaching compromised to the quality. Much personal investment was necessary, as well as the professional comprometimento to get a bigger professional qualification. But, this has a good time; now the world demands much more.

The schools of first world value the education of children since its tenra age. They give value to the first stage of the infantile development! All educator is professor and makes our work with much ability; interviews with parents, planejamentos, projects, portiflios, reports (also to direct the doctors), daily etc…edu cador infantile the same make work that a professor, with the same devotion and we want the same right. He will be that any person would be capable to take care of to these children respecting its differences, knowing that they have different levels of learning? Hearing colleagues of the area and in all part for the schools we perceive a desmotivao on the part of all when thinking that they bet in one bigger valuation on the part of the government, that always pautou the education for the quality of education. What it will be of this so important stage of the basic education? I want to say that we cannot accept to see the category of infantile educators lowered ' ' bab' ' , therefore the teaching for the municipal competition was demanded. Teaching always was and will be professor career. We had you discipline pedagogical, we are before all educators. We go to always fight not to accept disrespects comings of who wants that it is and we will be joined with the pertaining to school community to demand respect, quality of education and valuation of our career. We have that to continue to make what always we made, as teachers and we must fight infinitely so that our small ones grow, they prosper and they deem good fruits. ' ' The exercise of the thought is not one to come to be and yes a contingency in each instant of the life: a child is not a project of an adult future, it is since always one pessoa.' ' DEHEINZELIN, Monique, 1996 Teachers Educators, do not give up!