TELIS FINANZ AG Offers The Best Opportunities For The Promotion

TELIS FINANZ AG informs about current survey: German workers are frustrated by the job Regensburg, September 2010. German workers are increasingly dissatisfied with their professional situation, the result of a recent survey by Regus, the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions. The main reasons for the desire for a change of workplace are lack of career opportunities and the lack of family-friendly corporate policies. The TELIS FINANZ AG offers excellent opportunities and conditions, to the own potential as well as to combine career and family. World’s workers are nearly unanimous: an international survey by Regus ( shows that inadequate communication of managers, lack of career opportunities, a lack corporate vision and a high workload cause the most frustration at work.

Similarly it is with German workers: most of the participants (48 percent) in the survey, not to want to work at a company where communication gave the management is flawed. 43 percent of those polled said that missing career opportunities are the main reason for wanting a job change. Other causes of the dissatisfaction in the workplace are the lack of a strategic vision of the company (36 percent) and too much work (30 percent). 27 percent of German workers would still change jobs due to unfriendly colleagues, informed the TELIS finance AG. The experiences of TELIS FINANZ AG show that many employees for precisely these reasons feel the self-employed as the right way and never again would back into the work as an employee. The TELIS FINANZ AG with in-service training and approved qualifications offers individual career opportunities, not only for certain professional groups. Reliability, diligence and motivation just somehow can get according to the TELIS FINANZ AG high additional income get started as an Assistant to a consultant. Every man for himself personally can review and determine how interesting is the profession of business consultant for the household.