The DealHamster Enters The Coupon Race

Why buy expensive, if a coupon is offered for almost all products and services? Vienna, September 24, 2009. With DealHamster a voucher-hamster, which picks up the clients there, where they are already looking for products on the Internet starting today. Consumers can now test before making any purchase, whether a voucher is available for the requested product or service, and whether they can save good money so. The coupon rodent hoarding coupons for all products, unless the new Flatscreenbildschirm from the online shop or a vergunstigstes dinner at the classy Italian restaurant around the corner. is now one of the largest voucher sites in German-speaking countries. Click Caterpillar to learn more.

Now you will find deals to almost three million products divided in about 40,000 categories. Special deal hamsters is that the coupon search covers all product categories and offered special deals in the immediate vicinity of the seeker in addition to perks. Why buy only an Apple computer at the regular rate, if the Apple store in the City offers a new model and iPod puts another one on it as an encore at the end of the business? Context-related search also bargain of other brands offered should be the desired product is not with a matching coupon are supported – so each user can find out easily, where is the deal best for him to make. The voucher market, a boom-\”We have studied the market and determined that there are tons of coupons to all possible categories, but found no collection point, a platform offers every potential customer, to find the most lucrative for them\”, says Stefan Kalteis, CEO of And the market is huge: according to visits grew 2008 on U.S. coupon websites by 56 percent. Nine out of ten consumers in the United States use coupons or look on the Internet for discounts (according to the Marketing Association PMA).