The Girl

He pulled me for the hands he lead and me until its bed, we seat and we are one of front another one pro. It breathed deep and started to speak: – Sophie, gives attention in me well! I do not go to think and nor I go to come back, I think that we are so new, we have as many things pra to live, is better in them not to arrest one to the other. I loved you, I do not go to lie clearly and that some thing still exists in me. It wanted that you understood the state I find where me, wanted that you tried to feel my fear, my desperation. You yes, would be the girl where I would think about being until the last days of mine life, but sophie you appeared very early in my life, yes, you you appeared early excessively. – And cad, cad pra always? – Pra always? pra always we made together, but it arrived at the end. I find that I was that way, sufficient time, thinking and thinking, then I arose and only I gave to the coasts it, nor I also fired me to the least and nor had voice pra to say ' adeus' to the floor for the street, I sat down emfrente the beach that had that way close and finally I stopped pra thinking about what I would make, I I had that to exclude kadu of all nois the future plans that I made pra two. From there, I would have that to live without its presence and a piece of me, as would be difficult without those days where we dormiamos together and to receive its good day and that when breathing the person happyest of the world felt to me, it pra was my reason of joy everything, to sleep well, to still wake up more good and for my smiles, for knowing there that I had somebody always of my side. now what I would go to make in these empty days? in these days without it?