The HeatMap

Various gradations of C2A buttons call-to-action buttons can it be divided into different categories. It distinguishes three groups of primary, secondary and tertiary C2A buttons. Buttons such as the shop are among the primary C2A buttons of course”, now order” or order”. “Secondary C2A buttons refer potential customers to learn more” or wondering whether the users recommend the newsletter “would. Buttons of the tertiary group deal, however, with General, independent of the content of the newsletter points newsletter as”or newsletter unsubscribe”. Arrangement & number of the C2A buttons at the order of the posts and the positioning of the buttons, you should consider also that many users nowadays like to take the opportunity of the email preview window (E.g. Outlook). Learn more on the subject from Ravi Menon.

This user will receive for already a part of your newsletter to see, without the email really open. It is therefore advisable to ensure that the editorial content and the call-to-action buttons to 400 Height pixels is correctly displayed. Eyetracking: You go there to play it safe is no universal rules, to make the perfect newsletter. The success of an email marketing campaign depends on various factors such as sender name, subject line, or also the call-to-action buttons. “Whether your C2A buttons comply with eye-catching design” and prominently placed “match, either A/B or multivariate testing can show you. A review of the entire newsletter templates using eye-tracking is most effective here.

The HeatMap analysis clearly shows which areas of the newsletter most users fall into the eye. Thus, the position for the primary and thus most important C2A-buttons can be verified exactly. Contact us, the silver media experts will inform you! Contact person: Silver media direct marketing GmbH Elmar Buttner Spa garden str. 37 90762 Furth Tel: 0911-76 66 24-200