The Importance Of The Business Card And Label Rules

The business card is a very important icon for who has active the professional life. It is the door of entrance for the one creation networking, that is, the people who belong to its gamma of professional friends. For this reason it is very important that it well is elaborated and well writing, therefore is it who goes garantr good a first impression on the receiver of the card. To make business card is not difficult, is enough to follow some small regrinhas that it does not have as to make a mistake: 1) Layout: its business card must contain only the necessary information and in summarized way. It tries to create a slogan with its main strong points. An example can be: John doe – Mechanic of tools Specialized in machines 2) Leaves its well clear contacts, such as: telephone, address, Well-taken care of email etc. with the excesses, it is not necessary to place its residential telephone if you do not work in house.

3) Not rasure, glue, clipping or kneads its card. It remembers that it is its first impression, is what it goes to make to the other to know you for the first time people. If the telephone number moved, or you moved of email, or the impression left wrong, prints the card again. It is better to print the card of new of what to be rasurando and writing the hand its new email or telephone. 4) Carte in a specialized place prints its, that is, a graphical. Not to use those daily pay-ready formats of detachable cards that leave barbs. This not good cause impression. 5) It makes the possible cleanest card.

It does not full its card of figures, photos and images unnecessary, well-taken care of also with the colors, it prefers tone colors crayon, or uses the colors of its company. Now that you already know as to make its business card, we go to see some label rules on as to deliver them and to receive from its colleagues. a) It knows the alias process to deliver the card. You generally perceive this hour, exactly that she does not know, the people you go to start to change the cards, then uses to advantage this hour. b) When receiving a card from its colleague, does not knead, folds or simply it places in the pocket. It reads the card for a respect question. Good these are the tips, who to want can comprementar them, are enough to comment