The Income

It sees, in the table to follow, the main tributes before and after the 1965/1967 reform of: BEFORE the REFORMAAPS the REFORMATION FEDERAISFEDERAIS Tax of ImportaoImpostos on Foreign commerce (II and IE) Tax of ConsumoIPI Only nicosImpostos Taxes Tax of RendImposto de Renda Tax on Transferences for exteriorIOF Taxes on Businesses Extraordinary ExtraordinriosImpostos Taxes Taxes EspeciaisOutros (transport, communications, etc.) ESTADUAISESTADUAIS Tax on sales varejoICM Tax on Transmission (Cause-Mortis) Tax on Transmission (Cause-Mortis) Tax on Expedition Tax on Regulated Acts Taxes Special MUNICIPAISMUNICIPAIS Territorial Tax Agricultural Tax on Transmission (Inter-livings creature) IPTUIPTU Tax of Indstrias and ProfissesISS Tax of License Tax on Public Diversions Tax on Acts of Economy? To compensate the losses of collection of the states and the cities, the allotment of the sole tax had been created deep of participation and. The Income tax was wronged for the time that elapsed between the verification and the collect in relation to the high inflation. The Brazilian tax burden throughout the period that goes of 1946 until the 1966 reform turned around 15% of the GIP. After that, it passed to 25% and one remained in this platform until the period Real after-plan when it reached 30% of the GIP. Jonas Samuelson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. It is said we have a system today tributary deformed in relation to the decade of 60, which had, mainly, to the biggest decentralization and cumulatividade Tax policy Tax policy is the manipulation of the tributes and the expenses of the government to regulate the activity economic.

It is used to neutralize the trends to the depression and the inflation. ) Expansiva tax policy: she is used when it has an insufficience of demand added in relation to the full production of – job. This would cause the call ' ' hiato deflacionrio' ' , where extreme supplies if would form, taking companies to reduce the production and its pictures of employees, being increased the unemployment.