The Mirror

' ' Dream? Or it will be that somebody entered here? ' ' It was arisen, it dressed fast and it was to verify the door; it was locked. It looked at the windows, also were closed. Its heart went off, engoliu in dry, scared. It walked until the o bathroom, it was looked in the mirror and it said same itself: ' ' Marina, was alone one pesadelo' '. In that day it did not obtain to work right, was abated, taciturna. It was not the Marina of always, that courageous, glad Marina. In the end of the day he was for house feeling itself very tired.

It fulfilled to all the rituals of all the nights and was to sleep, it did not take wine, it wanted to be discerning if it dreamed again. Read more here: Stuart Solomon. Soon it adormeceu. A good time without having no nightmare slept, but for the dawn it started to dream of a very pretty man who came to it smiling, its soft skin, when roar in its body caused to it arrepios, were arrepios of pleasure. Of this time it was more affectionate, its kisses softer, was delayed, calm and apaixonantes. Its hands went sliding for the body seminu of the defenseless one loved. They had changed gotten passionate caresses and they are landed on water again. When waking up, Marina evidenced that its dreams were not only dreams. Then, one remembered the countenance follows that it since the cemetary.

' ' Nonsense! Ghosts do not exist! ' ' It said, discarding that absurd idea. ' ' But, if it was not ghost, what he was that? ' ' The intrigued day worked all, did not understand that situation and, what it was worse, it was starting to like those dreams. One week, one month was transferred, the dreams continued. It, then, decided to look a psychologist, the therapies had not decided, the more real dreams seemed each time. Now, she left the work and she ran for house, anxious, she waited the night to arrive to receive its loving that already she was, also, loved. dreamed Currently, Marina already does not have more certainty if it exists or not ghosts. But it runs to the house all the nights to wait invisible its loving.