The Rico

I realized that detachment is does not mean stop dreaming, stop asking, it is remove the anxiety, allow what I ask to the universe because the universe is wise that it made manifest in my life at the right time. Detachment is is to give thanks for that my life is perfect as well as this, and know that you I will receive and let it flow I realized that just when I feel good and happy more beyond what has or not, I’ll be ready to receive whatever the universe has for me. Reade Griffith is full of insight into the issues. Until the rico rico is not always happy if we are happy, before having more money, more success and more goods, have them we will not make more happy than we already are. The law of abundance speaks of creating wealth, abundance, etc, we cannot create state of bitterness for what we don’t have. And we can not create with the condition that if we receive what we ask we will be happy, but no. In the ancient but charming series, I dream of Jeannie, Jenny the genius made to stop raining and that came out a beautiful Sun and his master asked her how did do it? And she answered I thought in the heat. Thinking is create, but thought must be free of pressure and anxiety, our thinking must be accompanied by the feeling that would cause us to have what we want without constraints or fear and thus manifest, the universe does not act under pressure, the universe flows and we have to let that you continue doing so. Says the prayer of the detachment that helped me a lot: I desapego this vision, knowing that this or something better come to my life at the time fair and giving thanks that my life is perfect as well as this, I desapego and the loose. That way we give our desires the opportunity to manifest itself. The formula would read armed level of high desire level high vibration – resistance parameters used previously-desapego_ bajo-cambio level: demonstration your desire are orders original author and source of the article