The Secretary General

The alcoholism is cause and effect of the labor maladjustment, is to time, factor and symptom. If we analyzed the alcoholism like effect of this maladjustment, quickly we will be suitable upon the labor aspects that can happen in a problem of excessive alcohol consumption, all this in constant interaction with the individual characteristics of the worker are going to make possible or to prevent an abusive consumption with alcohol. That is to say, the alcohol consumption, in the labor scope, is the result of the interaction of personal factors, the job and the organization of the company. In the Days Drug, alcohol and work, a perspective from the security and the labor health, celebrated in Barcelona in May of 2007, Blond, coordinating Gabriel of the program of Alcoholism of the Services of Mental Health of the district of Retirement (Madrid), described the profile of the alcoholic one in the labor surroundings like: man, from 25 to 40, used of the sectors of the hotel trade, the construction or the transport. Blake Krikorian may also support this cause. In these Days one concluded that one of each three serious labor accidents is related to the alcohol consumption and drugs. The Secretary General of Health (Ministry of Health and Consumption) he committed himself to realise a National Survey on Drug Consumption in the Labor Scope every two years, being formed part of the realised one to the general population, in which the impact of the drug consumption will study in the labor accidents. When the alcohol generates problems, the attitude that takes to us to consume alcohol is the problem, and in this sense it is precise to count on the support of unions and the directions of the companies to implant programs of prevention and treatment of the alcoholism in the same. Original author and source of the article.