The Studied

The estimated theoreticians if seat in the perspective of that the education is essential to try to change the vision that if has against the blacks and in the attempt to finish with preconception and the racial discrimination. As objective generality to analyze the importance attributed for the professors to pedagogical the ethnic-racial questions in its practical and the pertaining to school resume of the initial series; specific, (a) to understand as the formation of these professors is contributing in the implementation of Law N 10,639/03 in the initial series; (b) to identify what the professors of the initial series think on the ethnic-racial questions about the society contemporary; (c) to understand as they define its proper ethnic identity and of its pupils and (d) to analyze as this thematic one if relates to the objectives of the professors and the pedagogical project of the school. The qualitative methodology part of the basic one that helping in them to understand the question of the implementation of the law. The type of used research was etnogrfico, therefore it allows the researcher to carry through a systematic study of the especificidades of the investigated environment, describing it and interpreting We search the field research, that allows to the investigator a contact next to the reality. We use to the comment as technique that will come an attainment from data on the aspects of the reality. It is in this direction that we carry through the participant comment, therefore, as teacher of the municipal picture, in this institution I perceived the necessity to develop action on the basis of law 10.639/03. Another one technique that we carry through was to the half-structuralized interview because it beyond following a script of questions more searchs and the deep one in the inquiry, but, to keep the focus. The chain of thought that we approach is the fenomenologia, whose same it is centered in relations of daily events of reality the studied, looking for to apprehend in all its totality the set of meanings and not mere addition of parts.