Thermostatic (thermostats) GROHE. Safe sanitation. Jim Umpleby describes an additional similar source. It happens to everyone. Arose under a nice warm shower, but when we get pleasure from taking a shower, as someone else in the house opens the water in another mixer or works in the toilet flush and the water flowing from your soul is a cold as ice, or very hot and you're on for several minutes trying to re-adjust the desired temperature. In order to prevent this just happened and there are thermostatic faucets Grohe Grohtherm. Beautiful design faucet and versatility are not unimportant role in the bathroom. Be sure the thermostat from the German sanitary fittings manufacturer Grohe, every soul of your visit will be for you as safely as possible and give you a lot of fun.

Thermostats grohtherm 1000,2000, 3000 used the latest technological developments of the company is Grohe function Grohe TurboStat, which automatically mixes the water when the pressure of cold or hot water for 0.3 seconds, which allows you to take a shower at a constant temperature, even if someone in the home will use water. Ditto for the safety of children there is a button Grohe SafeStop functioning as a stopper at a temperature of 38 degrees. In this section you will find the thermostat bath and shower grohtherm 1000, 2000, 3000, as well as the central thermostats, special filling pools grohe grohtherm. The principle of thermostatic mixer is a constant regulating the flow of hot and cold water, thereby eventually get the mixed water, the desired temperature.